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English: Art Hodes Docot Jazz - Blue Note recordsIt is well known that the Nazi regime denounced modernist art as “degenerate”, but not so well known that the Third Reich also proscribed “Entartete Musik” or “degenerate music”. Another name for this was jazz. It makes complete sense, therefore, that the most renowned of American jazz recording companies – Blue Note Records – was founded by refugees from Hitler’s Germany.

Blue Note survives in name, if not – some would argue – in spirit. This weighty book helps to explain the mystique that continues to surround the label, though in that regard the pictures are more helpful than the text. One of the crucial points about Blue Note records was that they looked beautiful – and distinctive.

The covers were works of art in themselves. They had a look that combined typography derived from the Bauhaus – bastion of modern design in Weimar Germany – with…

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We remember when she went by Ayah!

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Just for fun, let’s watch it fester….

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“A generation which ignores history has no past and no future.”

~~ Robert Heinlein, The Notebooks of Lazarus Long ~~

Mari's Island

    Today’s picture is one that gives me a feeling of peace. I found it on the blog of one of my favorite artist/poets, one Mari Sanchez Cayuso, whose bloody brilliant poetry can be found on her own blog site, StarsRainSunMoon…. This image, along with a bilingual poem of hers in accompaniment can be found here: http://starsrainsunmoon.com/2014/11/10/imagine-we-feel/  I like to think this picture is one she took looking out of her back yard, and that she walks over to the small island, for solitude, and to write her poems…. Perhaps it’s a bit fanciful, but, once you read some of her very personal, powerful poetry, you’ll see why she inspires the imagination….

Now, the quote from R. A. Heinlein is, of course, patently true as the day, and really…

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George Orwell

We post a lot of music related material here and not much editorial however I’ve had just about enough of receiving artist press material either written like it was for a thesis, or something from a fluffy creative writing assignment. What drivel are these bio writers, press release creators, etc., being taught in school?!!! Certainly not the professional use of the English language. To that end, I thought I would take after my friend Ned whose “Pearls” on his “Gigoid” blog are some of the best thought provoking pieces on the web…beware though…he’s deep.

All that aside, I thought I’d drop a “Pearl” of my own as regards writing to get your message across. Bottom line, you don’t have to be an English professor to write clearly with great impact. I guess it could be described as the “Feng Shui” of writing. That perfect balance of information giving and clarity.

Check out this great article on the writing principles of one of America‘s greatest literary minds, George Orwell:

In our society, the study of language and literature is the domain of poets, novelists, and literary critics. Language is considered a decorative art, fit for entertainment and culture, but practically useless in comparison to the concrete sciences. Just look at the value of a college degree in English versus one in computer science or accounting.

But is this an accurate assessment of value?

Language is the primary conductor between your brain and the minds of your audience. Ineffective language weakens and distorts ideas.

If you want to be understood, if you want your ideas to spread, using effective language must be your top priority.In the modern world of business and politics this is hardly ever the case. In many instances, imprecise language is used intentionally to avoid taking a position and offending various demographics. No wonder it’s hard to make sense of anything!

This is hardly a recent problem, and as George Orwell wrote in his 1946 essay, Politics and the English Language, the condition is curable. By following Orwell’s 5 rules for effective writing, you’ll distinguish yourself from competitors and clearly communicate your ideas.

1. Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.

This sounds easy, but in practice is incredibly difficult. Phrases such as toe the lineride roughshod overstand shoulder to shoulder withplay into the hands of, an axe to grind, Achilles’ heel, swan song, and hotbed come to mind quickly and feel comforting and melodic.

For this exact reason they must be avoided. Common phrases have become so comfortable that they create no emotional response. Take the time to invent fresh, powerful images.

2. Never use a long word where a short one will do.

Long words don’t make you sound intelligent unless used skillfully. In the wrong situation they’ll have the opposite effect, making you sound pretentious and arrogant. They’re also less likely to be understood and more awkward to read.

When Hemingway was criticized by Faulkner for his limited word choice he replied:

Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words? He thinks I don’t know the ten-dollar words. I know them all right. But there are older and simpler and better words, and those are the ones I use.

Read more at http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/george-orwells-5-rules-for-effective-writing/#0vGXXeXoiwxxZXtI.99


George Orwell’s 5 Rules for Effective Writing | PickTheBrain | Motivation and Self Improvement.

 Scott King {@REALSCOTTKING} is back & thru his lyrics you can tell he has been thru alot but he states in this new record he has NO REGRETS!!!!!
All Things Must Pass EP COMING SOON!!!
Sometime you have to live in order to learn ever lesson you learn is a blessing you earn – Scott King

“When you get where you need to get, then you can slow down. But life happens so fast, you have to stay on top of things. At the end of the day, no one is going to take care of me but me.” –Scott King

About Scott King:

Scott King – a name which comes from the combination of his maternal family surname and the concept that men should be kings – brings a message that is largely missing from the industry today. He skips the braggadocio and forgoes the glorification of money, women, and drugs. With a sound and lyrical content reminiscent of the days of real hip-hop, Scott King’s rhymes focus on humility, dreams actualized, and perseverance.

“I like really having something to talk about,” he says. “Everything I rap about is really a part of my life. You can get to know me through my music. Instead of rapping about money and cars, I like to tell a story. There’s a million people going through what I’m going through and I want to share that with them.” He shares his truth to show listeners, especially young people, that anyone can make it. The key is to never give up; go after any goal until it gets reached, and find an avenue to make things happen.

Scott King’s philosophy and work ethic are the actualization of “the grind” many are so quick to claim, but few truly live. No matter what time he gets to bed, he is up at 8:00 am every day working on his craft. Writing. Producing. Recording. Creating. He knows that you can’t wait for things to get done; you have to make things happen on your own. It’s this ethos that has made him the self-sufficient one-man-show he is today. Having never truly had management, he is used to going it on his own and resourceful enough to figure out a way to get things done. Not only does he put pen to paper and rhyme to mic to tell his story, but he records and mixes his own tracks in an in-home studio – one which he built and wired from scratch with his own two hands. With or without a team, with or without label backing, Scott King is determined to make a way for what he wants.

His drive grew alongside him in a single-parent home in Flatbush Brooklyn. He and his brother were forced to learn life the hard way while his mother worked constantly to pay the bills. There was no male figure in his life. Naturally, the streets raised him. His mother couldn’t always afford everything he and his older brother wanted, but he simply refused to do without. Not having it made him determined to get it. He found a way to get what they wanted – often doing things the street way – until he figured out a better way.

Scott King discovered the art of rhyme through his older brother’s cassettes of rap pioneers and game changers like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Special Ed, and Run DMC. Drawn to the style of lyricism and storytelling, he wanted to learn to put words together the way the voices spewing from his brother’s stereo could. He started rapping at the age of 11, recording at home on the family tape deck, and stuck with it through grade school on into college. During his first year at Kingsboro College, he caught the attention of Violator records. He signed a deal then and left school to follow his dreams, soon working with production heavyweights Kool & Dre, Bryan Michael Cox, DJ Premiere, NO ID, and even garnering him a commercial deal with Under Armour.

Fast forward to the present day, and King is between New York and Atlanta and still on a constant grind: working full time, actively raising his 3-year-old daughter, and recording and producing new material. He has songs with Red Café, Anthony Hamilton, Jerimih, Bun B, and Jadakiss among others, in preparation for his upcoming EP entitled “All Things Must Past.” Having named it after the realization that yesterday must come to an end and better is coming soon, King says his new project focuses learning from the past and moving on to the future.

For Scott King, all life’s negatives have turned to positives. Now it’s time to share his message of transformation with the world.

produced by Jack Waterz | directed by MalikYouGotIt
Smif-N-Wessun, Uncle Murda guest on Hidden In Plain Sight 3, out now
 Brooklyn rapper V. Nova presents the MalikYouGotIt-directed music video for “Smoke Break”, the Jack Waterz-produced new single from his new mixtape Hidden in Plain Sight Volume 3: The New Commission (HIPS3). “Smoke Break” follows the release of the music video for “The New Commission” (watch) as well as “Abstract Art”, his video featuring Smif-N-Wessun (watch). One other HIPS3 single has also been released – “You Died” featuring Uncle Murda (listen). Part of rap duo BOE & Villa, Nova has worked with Erick Sermon (click to listen to “Vangundy”), MIDI Mafia, Denaun Porter of D-12, Wyclef Jean, Needlz, Mario Winans, Monifa, Rakim, Akinyele, Canibus (click to listen to “Seriously”), Fabolous, EPMD, Papoose, Funkmaster Flex, DJ Enuff and DJ Self. Nova’s upcoming mixtape is the third volume of his HIPS series (listen to Volume 1 and Volume 2). “‘Smoke Break’ is the intermission of HiPS3,” Nova says. “It started out as my least favorite of the project but because of people’s reaction to it, I like it more and more everyday. It does me doin what I do best. In between long studio sessions, smoke breaks are taken often. This time the break was on a roof top in the center of Brooklyn.” HIPS3 is out now.
 Billionaire Buck (@Comptonsbuck) “F*ck A Cup” Featuring Gold & Young Lawless

The saga cont. Billionaire Buck(@comptonsbuck) movement shows no signs of stopping or losing steam,still feeding the people 1st he gave you the radio smash “Around Da Way” then he walked you his roots/city of “Compton, California” with the “Live From Compton” visual freestyle,then he dropped the Club/Street banger “Whoop” sure satisfy any crowd.Now the Compton Billionaire drops a heavily high energy influenced record entitled,”F*ck A Cup”. No pouring, it’s all about turning over the bottles on this record. Buck also bring along fellow West Coast recording artists Young Lawless and Gold to take the party to the next level. Grab a bottle of your finest and get T’D up to the max. until the release of Billionaire Buck’s soon to be released “BLACKJEW” project. Check out the latest release below! An then hit buck up via Twitter:@comptonsbuck & IG: @billionaire_buck