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Big Chan

Big Chan (Center) of Doggy’s Angels.

Big Chan made her bones as part of Snoop Dogg‘s female group Doggy’s Angels in the early 2000’s.  Signed to TVT Records at the time, the group had to change their name to Tha Angels because of the conflict with the television series Charlies Angels.  Chan has since reinvented herself and become one of the world’s most sought after celebrity stylists and has created looks for the legendary Prince, Cee Lo Green, and Tamar Braxton among others.  Her company Cyndarella Couture has become a major red carpet staple alongside the other high end fashion houses.

But hey we are talking about her new music and she is back with a straight HEATER!!!  Big Chan is still the real deal and she gives a quick taste with this new single “Jump Back” Featuring David Banner (Prod. by R.E.).  Full of high energy lyrics in her signature delivery and backed by an insane track, this joint is not only about the lyrics but kicks your neck into high gear…I dare you to try and keep still, the track is insane!  Enjoy and tell me what you think about this new piece.  FYI, Big Chan is dropping a mixtape soon…NEWS AT ELEVEN!

Find out more about Big Chan via her website and look out for that as yet untitled mixtape coming soon!


I will be appearing as co-host of #DadChat with Bruce Sallan this Thursday discussing the subject of Hip Hop.  #DadChat is a twitter chat forum that discusses current topics affecting parents (specifically Dads) and this week will be an in-depth discussion of the Hip Hop world.  I’m really excited to be a part of this discussion with Bruce.

A little about Bruce Sallan

Bruce began with an internship with a television producer, while earning his M.B.A. from UCLA. What followed was an award-winning television executive and producing career. During those 25 years, he produced over 30 television movies, pilots, and series.

Bruce produced his first television movie at age 24 and was a vice president at ABC by the time he was 29.  Getting an opportunity to share the stage so to speak with him, is quite an honor!

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I hope you can joint us for this Twitter Chat…find out how here!

Here’s what Bruce has to say about the event!

Okay, I admit it. I don’t get rap and barely “get” hip-hop music. BUT, our special co-host – Jerry Doby of  The Hype Magazine this week – Thursday, July 18 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET – not only GETS it, but works in the field, is a dad of ten (yes TEN), and has impeccable credentials to help guide this white dude through the ins and outs of the music that most of our kids and MY kids listen to! We will likely have some cool giveaways for this #DadChat so don’t miss it! Follow Jerry Doby and TheHypeMagazine on Twitter!

My son made this Father’s Day song for me – a #Rap song – and he even says that he knows it’s not my thing! But, it’s still mighty cool!

The Hype Magazine has interviewed Chuck D of Public Enemy; R&B legend Karyn White; Jeffrey Osborne; Grammy Award winner Whitney Peyton; Super Producer Teddy Riley, etc.  Hype is a national digital magazine with 11 years in business and will debut nationally on newsstands November 1st, 2013.”

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Gangnam Style, by South Korean pop musician PSY, has been a rage all over the world amassing almost 1.5 billion views on youtube in under one year.  So is India going just sit back and watch? NoDesi HipHop artist iQ answers back with “International Gujarati,” which has managed to garner a modest 100k youtube views in two weeks!  My friend Hardik from sent me this press release and video link…after watching it, I am positive that Desi (Indian) Hip Hop is going to break at some point here in the West.  We are going to bring you more of the international music stars in the near future…Enjoy!

Desi Hip Hop

International Gujarati

International Gujarati”, India’s answer to Gangnam Style, comes from a Desi HipHop artist or shall we say Gujarati HipHop artist who goes by the name of iQ.  His fans affectionately refer to him as Gujjubhai, literally translating to elder brother from the state of Gujarat.  Gujjubhai plays the character of a humorous Gujarati Robin Hood – a Sarkar type man of the people, who is proud to be Gujarati.  Gujaraties are known for certain things, like their food, their celebration of life, leadership in business & of course politics which are all integral elements of this song.  Check out “International Gujarati”


We’re seeing a revolution in Gujarat unfold before our very eyes, from Bollywood movies like “Kai Po Che” to Political leaders like Narendra Modi and now Music like “International Gujarati”.  Filmed in Paris, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Gujarati – “International Gujarati” takes us through day in the life of Gujjubhai – flowing with swag, references to BJP, freeing hostages and eating Jalebies from a tiffin, this truly is the Gangnam Style of Gujarat!

iQ aka Gujjubhai teams up with Executive Producer Sanjoy Deb, Music Producer Haji Springer and Video by Kunal Agarwal Productions to follow up on the success of his 2012 video “Gujubhai“. “International Gujarati” will have you ordering some EDM with HipHop and twist of Gujju with your next Gujarati thali dinner.  Watch as Gujjubhai travels the globe, from Paris to Las Vegas to San Francisco to India with nothing but his bodyguards and beloved tiffin entertaining audiences of all ages. Swag, Politics, Humor, Jalebies – what more does a Gujarati need to survive? A refreshing video that you’ll either absolutely love to hate or hate to love – but we guarantee that you’ll laugh at least once and watch twice!  Buy it on iTunes today.

Jay Z

Jay Z (Photo credit: NRK P3)

In response to politicians the chastising Jay Z and his wife Beyonce received for their recent visit to Cuba, Jay Z did what he does best…delivers lyrical missiles.

I’m so glad he didn’t just take it and let it ride…the stupidity from the United States towards the people of Cuba has gone on long enough.  Where you aware that in order to get a visa to visit Cuba that you have to get that issued from the Treasury Department?  Yup, that is the organization that can freeze your money and also is home to the FBI and a host of other alphabet boyz…this is some insanity on a whole new level.

Jimmy Da Saint Presents PhillyFest 2013

PhillyFest 2013…the hottest concert of the Spring!

Coming your way April 13th 2012, the biggest concert of the Spring…get the season started off right with the all-star lineup of the one and only Phillyfest 2013!

courtesy of  The Hype Magazine


Driicky Graham and Biz of

On Wednesday, April 3rd in New York, NY Akoo Clothing launched their Spring/Summer Collection. The unveiling of the new collection was held at the Akoo showroom and was sponsored in part by Hennessy who provided guests with variations of Hennessy cocktails all evening. The artist behind the hit song “Snapbacks & Tattoos,” Driicky Graham was also in attendance modeling the latest Akoo Collection. He also participated in an onsite photo-shoot for the brand. got a chance to talk to Driicky Graham about his hit single as well has his upcoming ventures.

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Teddy Riley creator of New Jack Swing genre

The King of New Jack Swing, Teddy Riley announces global talent search.

Grammy Award winning and multi-platinum music producer/composer/arranger/songwriter and recording artist Teddy Riley has begun his global talent search for songwriters and producers to come aboard his powerful and far-reaching movement, TR Music Group. His company, a partnership with crooner Keith Sweat, boasts a record label, publishing department and talent agency.

2012 marked the 25-year anniversary for Teddy Riley being the creator/architect of the “New Jack Swing” genre of music, according to his bio. In recent years, Teddy expanded his global movement by successfully delving into the K-Pop genre, and is credited for being the first African American to bring Korean Pop Music (K-Pop) to the USA.

One of his recent K-Pop success came with his hand-picked girl group “Girls Generation,” who made their US debut to a sellout crowd at Madison Square Garden in October of 201ll. Under his leadership, the group sold nearly 500,000 unites of their No.1 hit LP “The Boys” and logged more than 40 million YouTube views.

A little known fact is that Teddy Riley produced the “Dangerous” LP by Michael Jackson which sold more than 32 million copies worldwide, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and remained on the Billboard 200 chart for 117 weeks! He won a Grammy for Best Engineered Album Non-Classical and the album received three Grammy nominations for Best Pop Vocal Male, Best R&B Vocal male and “Jam” as Best R&B Song. Riley was only 23 at the time.

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