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Atlanta Hip Hop trio EDUBB announces European and American tour dates

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Graffiti "Hip Hop" in Eugene, Oregon.

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Hip hop music, is here to stay and touching every phase of music…even country. Marketing companies worldwide seek the hottest hip hop sounds for clients.

When hip hop broke the barrier of mainstream radio in the late 1970’s with its first classic hit, “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang, it was tagged as a fad and doomed to failure by its critics. Although this wasn’t the first rap record, it has been the benchmark song, and the popular reference point when discussing rap in music history. Unfortunately, this song also left an indelible stamp on the American psyche as to who would be performing this type of music, further partitioning the real hip hop sub-culture from the mainstream music industry. Similar to Bbreakdancing, hip hop/rap was stamped as “street” music with no valid place alongside “real” entertainment icons such a jazz, soul, or ballroom. How things would change!

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DX News Bits: Mos Def, Hip Hop Chess Federation, Rapper Spelling Bee | Get The Latest Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales | HipHop DX.

Mighty Mos announces a new fragrance, the Hip Hop Chess Federation enlists Asheru and Ralek Gracie, and Slacktory compiles a “Rapper Spelling Bee.”

From liquor to sneakers to high tech gadgets, Hip Hop artists have becomes veritable masters of the endorsement game. Now, one unlikely emcee – Yasiin Bey, b/k/a Mos Def – has thrown his hat into the market with a new men’s fragrance Harun No. 7. (read more…)

Grammy Awards Invitation

My Grammy Award Invite Envelope!

Ok so normally I wouldn’t write anything about me in this blog but this time I feel justified.  After about 15 years in the PR business and working with talent and brands of varying calibers, I finally got my first Grammy Award invitation, addressed to ME!!! Perhaps it is really nothing but for me it is a benchmark moment.  While it is not a moment that says “you made it”, it certainly makes one feel like they are moving up the ladder.

Pardon me while my ego does backflips, etc., which at my age I physically probably shouldn’t do LOL.  This moment serves to remind me that overnight success is a rarity and usually only appears to be “overnight” to those on the outside looking in.  To the person putting in the work and fighting personal/professional doubts, etc., times like these serve as motivating events that drive them to work harder, have greater intestinal fortitude and continue to look for those things that set themselves apart from the crowd.

Over the last 15 years Doby PR has had the opportunity to grow with clients like Lazie Bone of Bone Thugs -N- Harmony, production of overseas promotional tours for the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the USO in support of troops in harms way.  All of these things have given me personal gratification and a professional portfolio that adds a distinct flavor to my not so high profile projects.  I am really proud to be a member of the Recording Academy and even more dedicated to becoming a “go to” guy in the world of Urban Entertainment Public Relations.

If you made it to this part of my joyous rant…Thanks for your patience!


Jerry Doby

Google gets Sony on board for music service
On MONDAY (NET NEWS 11/14), ALL ACCESS reported GOOGLE was ready to finally launch its music service — but they were expected to do it without WARNER MUSIC and SONY to start — having only signed a deal with UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP. GOOGLE sent invitations MONDAY for a press event, to be held in LOS ANGELES, where the company is expected to add downloads to its cloud music service, as well as unveil social-networking features.

Now BLOOMBERG reports, GOOGLE has reached an agreement to offer songs from SONY CORP. for a new music service being announced TOMORROW, a person with knowledge of the situation said, leaving WARNER MUSIC GROUP as the lone holdout. VIVENDI SA‘s UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP and EMI GROUP, the other two major record labels, have already signed on, said two people, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly.”

It’s expected that GOOGLE’s store in the cloud will allow songs to be stored online and played from multiple devices. The pricing has been rumored at 99 cents to $1.29.

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