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Lil Boosie's brother the good life from his brother's money?

Lil Boosie‘s brother TQ…living the good life from his brother’s money?

Trust is a concept that is significant in all aspects of most people’s lives. From time to time we may find that in the music industry, more notably, in the hip-hop community, trust becomes a foreign language. Then there are times when a lack of trust becomes sad and down right criminal.

This is a true story which on many fronts will be an embarrassment to those of us who love, value and support the brand of hip-hop and the artists which provide its lifeline. To periodically be given ten dollars and then, routinely, take the eleventh without permission; that is theft. You are, by behavior and definition, a thief. We are sad to report that our investigation has lead us onto the trail of one of our beloved rap sons being blindly robbed by none other than his very own brother. This is the story of “The Theft of the Wealth of Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch.”

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The Hype Magazine

The Hype Magazine Meet and Greet Atlanta with Bobby V

Indianapolis, IN (Jan 2014) – The Hype Magazine, announced today their “Meet and Greet” series kickoff in Atlanta, GA February 4, 2014, at Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge featuring 2x Georgia Music Awards nominee/recording artist Tocarra Hamilton, Bad Boy’s own Grammy Award winning artist/producer Miltickit, Rising Rap Star K Camp, Legendary Rapper Tela and the R&B sensation Bobby V.  This meet and greet will combine the official birthday party for the platinum recording artist, and the unveiling of The Hype Magazine’s March cover, which Bobby V will grace.  The superstar recently released a new EP entitled “Peach Moon,”…partygoers may get a surprise performance that evening!

R&B superstar Bobby V’s newest musical endeavor is best described with three words: Vibes, Moods, and Moments. “Peach Moon” combines the vibes of a Motown inspired jam session, the unpredictable moods of love and the defining moments that shape our everyday lives. Backed by a full band and showcasing his love for playing the piano, “Peach Moon” sets the stage for Bobby’s most honest and most inspired project to date.”I’m not chasing trends with this EP or trying to emulate what’s on the radio. This project is all about a feeling, a vibe.”

The Hype Magazine, founded in 2002 by Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson, is steadily growing as a brand and respected entertainment media outlet, covering news from Hip-Hop to Hollywood. Boasting nearly 300,000 digital subscribers and 2 million unique visitors per month to its online properties, print distribution became one of the demands of The Hype Magazine readers and fans.

“The 11-year mark is significant because we have history. The magazine has gone through changes and we have made it through the first 10 years. This is the time where you start to build respect amongst your peers and doors start to open, which they have,” says The Hype Magazine CEO and Publisher, Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson. She continues, “We at The Hype Magazine are eternally grateful to our readers, fans and the artists who have made our magazine the #1 digital magazine in the world.”

About Up Top Consulting Group

A native Atlantian, Angela Nash began her career early on in the music industry at the age of 18 as an assistant to the historical first black radio personality and ground-breaker for music conferences, Jack “The Rapper” Gibson. Her work in planning and organizing grand scale conferences and events continued when she began working for JR Dino of Million Dollar Record Pool & Entertainment Company where she was conference organizer for twelve years.

UTE’s client list includes; Music Mogul Antonio LA Reid’s Family-former wife, Perri “Pebbles” Reid, sons Antonio, Jr. & Aaron and Daughter Ashley; World Known DJ Aaries, Super Star Rapper Rick Ross, Rapper Ca$h Out, and Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter Tocarra Hamilton.

Angela holds a Bachelor’s degree from GA State Univ. in Business Management and Certifications in Bookkeeping and Paralegal. With a true enjoyment for helping others and love for music, Angela has a concrete foundation for Up Top’s future.

About The Hype Magazine

After 11 years as the #1 digital magazine in the world, The Hype Magazine added print distribution to newsstands nationwide in November 2013. The Hype Magazine’s ever growing readership relies on the outlet to provide trending, in-depth coverage of the entertainment industry, bringing them “News from Hip Hop to Hollywood” with uncompromising journalistic integrity.

Their debut print issue covered by Atlantic recording artist K. Michelle, exposed the outlet to an overwhelmingly receptive audience nationwide. The Hype Magazine is available on Newsstands in select 7-11, K-Mart, Target, Barnes and Noble, Marsh and other select retailers.  It is also available via all online platforms like Apple, Kindle, Google Play, etc., beginning February 26, 2014.

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Phenom Wess

Phenom “Picture Perfect”

Phenom Wess has a long love affair with hip hop dating back to the age of 8 where he performed in a hip hop talent show at the Jackie Robinson YMCA in San Diego.

Facing the reality of economic difficulties to finance a music career and realizing his grades weren’t good enough to get him into any of the colleges he desired, he enlisted in the United States Navy at the age of 17.  Phenom is still currently serving his country in the Navy and is a veteran of multiple deployments yet his love for music has been cathartic for him, and he records from his soul.

Phenom just released his debut single “Picture Perfect” which is an insightful and rich story of a young man celebrating the lyrical dynamics of the hip hop of old.  Deep lyrical presentation and vivid descriptions of how he has come to take his rightful place at the head of the hip hop table set this artist apart from the standard fare we hear on the radio now.

Ensconced in a music bed that takes your mind on a trip without any chemical assistance, Phenom’s lyrical stylings can send those who remember original hip hop, on a ride that will simply take you there.

Life experience, dedication to duty and self sacrifice have given Phenom a lyrical edge worthy of giving him the title emcee, not just a rapper…he’s “Picture Perfect.”  Enjoy!



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Interview: @E40 Talk’s with @DjSteelTv and @BossLadyTv |

On the eve of the release of The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil Volumes 4,5,6, E-40 speaks with Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia and

DJ Steel on Hip Hop Nation about working with 2Pac and his favorite memories of the late rapper.


Star Light Studios - Presents It’s The Sure Shot! (An animated hip-hop comedy) | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News

This years Sure Shot/Starlight Films at Comic-Con NYC 2013 Event will take place for the first time on October 10th thru October 13th, 2013 at the Jacobs Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan.

We will be unveiling our full line for The Sure Shot! The Animated Hip Hop Series, Toy & Clothing Line, Bedding and Merchandise will be featured along with our up and coming Starlight Properties, (Alphabet City, The Bad Lands, The Untouchables & Mano 5). Starting Thursday October 10th and ending Sunday October 13th. The Sure Shot Experience will be located inside the \”Middle Left\” of The Main Floor Hall at Exhibition Booth #667 during Convention Hours from 10am (open) until 7pm (closing) daily.

Sure Shot was birthed through the Streets of New York, where the pulse of the city beats through the heart of Hip-Hop Culture. Emerging from this pulse comes these two rival crews (The Sure Shot Crew & the 85ers Crew) they come alive with their swagger to bring a new spin on Hip-Hop Music, Dance and its Culture. The group features 8 characters in each crew that interact with Hip-Hop and R&B Celebs on their way to the top of the music game. While the characters are always looking for ways to break into the music game, it creates an enticing real time, (past future and present) look that only Sure Shot could capture. This animated series masters this in an amazing way and its addictive nature will sure to have you hooked. Sure Shot Comic Series is essentially one of the most hilarious spoofs on the Hip Hop Music Industry and Young Hollywood.

The Ground Breaking Hip-Hop animated characters in The Sure Shot Crew (EL-K Lover, Chicago, DJ Cash, Slice, Déjà, Gizelle, Tiny and Tata) & The 85ers Crew (Uptown, DJ Kevvy Kev, Boogie Rock Money Doe Fresh, Prince Barry D, Ron Ski AKA Playboy, Louis Love 139, Shorty Rock). They been settin off underground spots and spittin\’ the craziest lyrics on the hottest mix tapes. DJ Clue, Dj Enuff, DJ Mr.Cee, Dj Kay Slay, Dj Camilo, Pro Style, Tony Touch and others. But this year they come out of the shadows and show the world what they’re made of. Move over Young Money, there is a new crew on the set. Who cares if they’re animated!

The Sure Shot is an animated Hip Hop Show, but also a life style brand, where for the very first time that you come into a store that carries the Sure Shot Brand you will be sure to experience the Ultimate in Hip Hop Culture from the beginning in the late 70’s, better known as the Rise of Funk Era / to the early 80’s of Rap, Rockin\’ Fat Laces w/ your Shell Toe Adidas, Gazelles and your straight leg Lee Jeans/ to the 90’s…. xyz, rockin\’ fly bubble jackets and iced out pieces of the Biggie and Wu-Tang Era, to the 2000’s with Air Jordon’s on your feet. When you walk through the Sure Shot Experience, you will be able to touch all 4 parts of Hip-hop (Breakin\’, Graffiti, DJing & MCing). When you interact with the Sure Shot Brand, whether you see the animated cartoon, hear the music, wear the gear, or rock the collectible toys and other merch, it allows you to feel the true presence of Hip-Hop, how you hear it, smell it, taste it, and feel Hip-Hop.

via Star Light Studios – Presents It’s The Sure Shot! (An animated hip-hop comedy) | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News.


JP Coming Of Age

We often come across artists that like to exaggerate about a life they don’t lead. This project from JP, ” Coming Of Age”, is a true account of his REAL life over the last two years. JP is from Sydney Australia and collaborates with artists in the US which does make him stand out on the tracks. Everybody has to start somewhere and the artist released his first mixtape, “The Preface ” in October of 2011. J.P. has just released “Coming of Age” to show his growth with this sophomore mixtape effort.The mixtape starts off strong as J.P. breaks down how it all got started on the track “Let It All Go”. J.P. raps from the heart with an unfaltering flow over a boom bap heartbeat. The song is an excellent introduction to J.P’s world and his musical growth.

I’m not a big fan of interludes but the introduction to “Dreams” which was a collection of audio clips that question why we dream, and what it could all mean. This track went between the reality of where he is in his music career already and where he hopes and dreams to be. However it did follow along the cliches of what many would do. This one wasn’t a favorite.”In The Stars” was an uptempo piano driven instrumental. I really wasn’t fond of the lyrics, he stumbles a little bit with the flow but he does recover quickly. I do love the hook here, however it does get a little boring and monotonous when it comes to the verses.

“Remember It” transforms the screechy synthesized track into a confessional as he laces this gem with his true testimony. You can feel the genuine emotion and power in his voice here.

JP stands out on his track, “You Were There” it was an open letter. Shows a lot of maturity in a way that is honest and true without sounding “weak”. “Waving In The Stands” sounded painful, not to the ear but to the heart as he tells a story of heartbreak,survival, and triumph.
Favorite Track: “Let it All Go”
Least Favorite Track: “Club Life”
Scale Of 1 TO 5 (5 being the highest)
Flow: 4 needs to be polished just a little more, the versatility of his flow is what sets him apart from other artists.

Concepts: 4 I dug the different parts of his life that he addressed.

Lyrics: 4 While some of the lyrics indeed make sense, there were some
that were confusing and didn’t seem believable.

Theme: 4 Loved the Theme of growing up, going through life’s changes,
and maturity.

Instrumental Choice: 4.5 He picked music that fit his style maybe one
or two missteps but the rest is on point.

Rated: 4.1

This mixtape was a great way to start my day, I believe it has the
power to motivate others and to give JP the respect that he deserves.

About The Artist:
J.P. is an aspiring hip hop artist from Sydney, Australia. He released his first mixtape ‘The Preface’ in October 2011 which he describes as ‘an immature project just to kind of showcase that I could rap but many of the songs had no depth or true meaning to my life but lots of my friends still respected it’. J.P. then decided to constantly write and record songs for his just released sophomore mixtape ‘Coming Of Age’. Atleast 50 songs were written from mid-2011-early 2013 inspired by life experiences and increased knowledge of the music industry. J.P. then cut it down to 17 songs he feels best shaped his life in sequence through this time period and believes this mixtape sounds like an album. His music influences include T.I., Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jay-z, J.Cole and Lupe Fiasco. He is currently working on a joint mixtape with a hip hop artist from Far Rock, New York with plans to release in the near future. This project will be called ‘INTERNATIONAL CONNECT’.

INSTRAGRAM -theboyjp
Rap Ratz

Rap Ratz “Radio Daze” by Funkworm of

Rap Ratz is the Hip Hop version of Doonesbury, created by Funkworm of


Do you want to know how to rock a crowd in the ATL?! Atlanta Hip Hop trio EDUBB have the answer!  Check out this vlog of their latest performance at Smith’s Old Bar in Atlanta, GA!


More upcoming appearances for EDUBB!

SXSW adds EDUBB to performance roster

Atlanta Hip Hop trio EDUBB officially added to “Teach Austin” at SXSW Music Fest

EDUBB live performances

EDUBB live performances

EDUBB live performances

Download EDUBB’s latest album from their official site, follow them on Twitter @EDUBBlive and get the new single “Beastmode” featuring Lil Chuck of YMCMB on iTunes


Atlanta Hip Hop trio team up with Lil Chuckee of YMCMB for a new smash hit “Beastmode” which is commanding the #1 spot on iHeartRadio New Music Chart for over three weeks now. Here is a quick vlog of the EDUBB and Lil Chuckee chilling literally in Atlanta before an event!

via BEAST MODE VLOG 1 – EDUBB + LIL CHUCKEE YMCMB @YoungMoneySite @EDUBBlive | Doby Communications, Inc.

Available on iTunes NOW!


[Mixtape Review] EDUBB – “Legends Of The Fall”.

A very solid and honest review on of the Legends of the Fall LP by Atlanta Hip Hop trio EDUBB.  Historically known for their risque party music like “Whooty” and “Rainboots”, Legends of the Fall is their first full-length concept driven project and the reviews are very solid for this group.

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