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jlo_same girlJLo’s collab with French Montana for “Same Girl” is the perfect combination, the vocals are flawless and the production has that HUGE sound we know for JLo music. Enjoyed this piece, Montana shows exactly why he’s the right material to rep Hip Hop as a true Emcee. What do you think?

Jennifer Lopez “Same Girl” feat. French Montana
Title: Same Girl
Producer(s): Antwan “Amadeus” Thompson
Time: 4:06
Label: 2101/Capitol Records
Album: New Album “A.K.A.”Available In Stores Now!!!!
Available Versions:
Jennifer Lopez feat. French Montana – Same Girl (Clean)

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Marcus Marcell

Marcus Marcell

Marcus Marcell is set to release debut CD “Got A Intuition”.

Marcus Marcell is set to release debut CD “Got A Intuition”.

Marcus Marcell served in the Army for 18 years. He along with Several Producer’s and Artist have been working in the Inland Empire and sound labs in Los Angeles, California since 1996. He recently obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in business at Grand Canyon University in 2012. January

Marcus is pre-releasing his hit single “Facebook Friends” to entice audiences worldwide.

This song has smooth vocals with sultry undertones. It carries a great tempo with great melodic runs and catchy verses. This single is only a taste of what is yet to come. It represents the quality of work Marcus Marcell is creating for audiences all over by delivering relatable subjects through a hot R & B sound.

Marcus Marcell’s music is available digitally and physically at most digital storefronts including but not limited to:
(Search: Marcus Marcell), , ,  ,, www., , , , , and

You can reach Marcus Marcell at:

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Just Jé

New Music from Just Jé Ft. Kiki Romeo

Jameelah Wilkerson aka “Just Jè” is the CEO/Publisher of The H.Y.P.E. Magazine a print/digital media outlet with more than 11 years in publication.  With multiple areas of expertise including PR, marketing and graphic design, her leadership of the magazine has placed the outlet and its various subsidiaries in the upper echelon of all media outlets in the United States and #1 in the digital media community.

Her creative side as a songwriter and singer also fuels her passion but she is active on the business side of the industry as well.  That experience on both sides of the industry, gives her an insight and skillset she has leveraged successfully for her business endeavors and her clients.

Under Jameelah’s leadership, The Hype Magazine recently received a national newsstand distribution situation via Linden New Day Associates and Mr. John Blassingame.  The magazine debuted in print November 2013.

Muncie, Indiana born “Just Jè”, launched her magazine at the age of 23 with the goal of offering fans and the music community of her city something they did not have, an urban magazine featuring both independent and nationally signed artists.  In only 10 years, the outlet has grown to have a national presence and impact.

Wilkerson is often sought out as an expert resource on the topic of media and music. Her magazine was been nominated for the 2014 Southern Entertainment Awards’ “Magazine of the Year” and “Website of the Year” categories and 2014 SCM Awards Magazine of the Year.  In January of 2014, the City Council of Atlanta awarded her a proclamation praising her as an independent brand owner and outstanding female entrepreneur.

Get more information on “Just Jè,” The Hype Magazine and The Hype Media Group via their official website or contact her at

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Malina Moye

#RockGoddess Malina Moye announces new single “A Little Rough” dropping April 22 #MalinaMoye #ALittleRough

The is only one #rockgoddess and her name resounds across the globe, MALINA MOYE!  This exciting guitarist, singer, songwriter is one of the hottest products emanating from the #rock world as we speak!  Her new single “A Little Rough” releases Apr 22, 2014 to much anticipation and industry clamor…she promises it will be the musical ride of a lifetime…don’t miss it!

Find out more about Malina Moye, her music, tours and exclusive news via her official site

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The hottest beats play in the mix on Joint One Radio.  You can hear them on InterFM in Tokyo and worldwide on  Drop them a line on

@Jointone & #jointone.  InterFM & Joint One Radio will be at Suji’s in Azabudai every 3rd Thursday of the month starting March 20th so come out for happy hour, food, drinks & music!
Joint One Radio on InterFM 76.1

Joint One Radio on InterFM 76.1


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Take the time to check out this documentary about the life and music of New Money including his current project ” In God I Trust” out now.


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Willie L. Stewart, RN best selling author

Best selling author, Willie L. Stewart, RN


Every married couple goes through their ups and downs and marrying at a young age people thought we would not last.  However, our union was blessed by God.  He saw fit to put two polar opposites together and make it work.  Me, the city boy from rough and tough Gary, Indiana and her, the country girl from rural Ozark, Alabama.  We were nothing alike but a perfect match made in heaven.  I grew up in the church but had swayed away from it and had trouble with my convictions and beliefs but did not feel it was a problem.  God continued to favor me through my life and bless me and at some point I started feeling I was doing it all myself.  I was becoming a success because of my own efforts and my own dogged determination.  I even motivated others to be as successful as I was becoming and to emulate my techniques for studying and numerous other things.  I had all but forgotten about God.  My wife had always been religious.  She got on her knees and said her prayers at night and truly felt a presence and a relationship with God at all times.  She accepted my nonchalant attitude toward religion and prayed for me constantly.  She was salt, I was pepper.  She was sugar, I was spice.  Everything about this woman was sweet and down to earth wholesomeness.  We were both in college for nursing about 9 years into our marriage.  I sent her to school first so I was a year behind her.  We were accomplishing this feat with no problems.  Raising our kids while working and going to school…it was a breeze.  We were the dynamic duo and nothing could stop us. Then it happened.

One day she awakened to fluttery sensations in her chest.  We went to the doctor’s office and he was so worried he admitted her directly from the office.  We were not nurses yet, there was no Google to research what was going on but we were not afraid.  We took it in stride and picked the kids up from daycare and camped out in the hospital room for the night.  The sun peaked through the smallest of cracks in the window blinds and I heard my wife’s voice and stretched to take on another day of hard work.  The blank look on her face was not immediately evident as she asked if I could turn some lights on.  Not really looking at her I stretched some more and stepped over a couple of slumbering kids and opened the blinds fully and I turned and was shocked at how big my wife’s pupils were.  I waved my hand in front of her face not wanting to startle or alarm her and she whispered, did you turn them on?  I stuttered, yeah I opened the blinds and it’s broad daylight babe.  With calmness akin to a bomb maker attaching the final wire she whispered I don’t think I can see.  I screamed out loud….in my head but tried to maintain the calmness that she displayed.  If it were me, they would have been putting me in a rubber room.

The next couple of months saw us traveling up and down the state of Alabama to this specialist and that specialist having a multitude of painful and invasive tests, which even included psychological testing.  Not one doctor could tell us what was going on.  They even removed the braces that we were paying thousands of dollars for so that they could get better scans.  Finally in the most renowned hospital in the state we were to see the top doctors.  It was here that WE were going to solve this problem.

A rheumatologist said he “thought he saw something on a scan and wanted to do a brain biopsy.  It was at this time that something clicked for me personally.  This would be our last night in the hospital because we decided that we would leave against medical advice.  Just like all ideas usually pop into my head, I realized that this ability was a gift from God.  It never was me.  All of my intelligence, all of the ideas and now the song that popped into my head was delivered to me by the almighty and it was only now that I realized that HE TOOK AWAY HER SIGHT SO “I” COULD SEE.  We left the next morning and went home and prayed and cried and prepared for this life that was before us.  My adoring wife would never look upon my face again.  She would have to hold to the memories and we would create new ones.

I started reading to her and I purchased books on tape.  She loved for me to read because I would always get into character and the Bill Cosby voice she loved the most.  We never got depressed.  We accepted what God had planned for us and felt it was his will.  Then one day it happened again.  I was reading a funny story and using the Bill Cosby voice and my wife’s head jerked backwards and it did this several times.  She later described it as very brightly colored lights one at a time shooting at her face.  She said they looked like fingers.

My wife’s eye sight was restored directly by the hand of God.  Miracles only happen in the bible as far as I knew.  Water got turned to wine, a small amount of bread and fish fed a multitude, and Lazarus was raised from the grave.  But on that day, God gave us a testimony.  He is real and that message stated by him taking away my wife’s sight so that we all could see his glory when he restored her sight when no doctor could do it.

Shannon went on to graduate valedictorian from nursing school a year after I finished and now years in, we know that it is not our individual effort but God who makes all these things happen for us and we can provide a direct testimony to it.  It is these motivating factors that drive me to create for the woman who I thought would never look upon my face again and can now read these words and all else that I create for her.  “tarnished,” my debut novel is dedicated to Shannon Eureka Stewart. 24 years my wife, soul mate for life.

About Willie Stewart, RN

Willie L. Stewart is also the Best Selling Author of “MIS-FORTUNE COOKIES,” an Asian American short story, which went to #1 as a free eBook release.

Find out more about the new dynamic novel by this dynamic new author by visiting the book’s blog and in a unique twist, engage with the book’s lead character Dale via social media networks as DaleTarnished or Daletarnishednovel.


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Willie L. Stewart Releases Debut Novel taRNished to Critical Acclaim Utilizing Groundbreaking Unconventional Promotional Methods

'taRNished' by best selling author Willie L. Stewart, RN

‘taRNished’ by best selling author Willie L. Stewart, RN

Florida Best Selling Author and critical care Registered Nurse Willie L. Stewart has stepped outside the box releasing his new blockbuster novel taRNished with a far sighted and original promotional strategy.

It’s not too often that an incredibly talented novelist is also blessed with modern media savvy.  Stewart brings this to the table with the promotion and marketing surrounding his recently released first novel taRNished.  Not only is long time Registered Nurse Stewart writing about an area he has immense personal knowledge of, the healthcare system, in an exciting, disturbing and compelling way, but he may have completely changed the game of novel promotion and marketing for good.

taRNished tells the chilling tale of a Registered Nurse serial killer able to better ply his trade in a time when the healthcare system is overworked and crowded.  This is delivered in a manner only a person like Stewart could credibly tell, drawing off his personal experience seeing the healthcare system from the inside out and being able to predict the direction this system is likely to head in the months and years to come.  Set in the imaginary book world of a serial killer!

The novel stands as the first to have had a rap song and video promoting it prior to its release.   This collaboration came about when rapper’s Dru Vocals and Durango were exposed to early reviews of taRNished.  Jerry Doby, editor and chief of The Hype Magazine, the number one digital magazine in the world for the last 11 years, called this a “first of its kind, never done before” and “a unique piece of hip-hop history.”

The main character of taRNished, Dale RN, has also been given a complete social media presence by the forward thinking Stewart.  Dale RN has his own blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus accounts and more.  Stewart engages in role play with the public to spark dialogue.  This is another original move for a novelist and is sure to secure taRNished’s place in history.

The combination of talented writing and an insider’s view on an area which can potentially and profoundly affect every American, healthcare, is hooking fans on what Stewart has to offer.

International marketing executive Valerie Graves said, “Wow! TaRNished drew me right into the diabolical world of Dale and Isabel. They are two of the most coldblooded killers the medical profession may have ever produced!”

Willie L. Stewart is also the Best Selling Author of MIS-FORTUNE COOKIES, an Asian American short story, which went to #1 as a free eBook release.

Find out more about the new dynamic novel by this dynamic new author by visiting the book’s blog and in a unique twist, engage with the book’s lead character Dale via social media networks as DaleTarnished or Daletarnishednovel.

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SwurvRadio one of America‘s top online radio stations with more than 5 million listeners globally officially launched their mobile app.  Celebrating 6 plus years as a leader in online radio, Swurv continues to bring fresh new music and lead the pack with the hottest DJs from across the world including the UK and Belgium…Tune In!!!
“Can’t express enough how much of a game changer having our official iPhone & Android app really is. After years of waiting and  trying to find the right developer we decided to do it ourselves and it actually turned out better than expected. Sometimes you just have to do things yourself to get the results you want. Since building our own app it has actually opened the door for us to build and develop more apps for the radio as well as other artist and business that are looking for quality apps to promote their product. The app is just the beginning.
Osiris May
Chief Brand Advocate |
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The Hype Magazine debut cover

The Hype Magazine, the world’s #1 digital magazine and online entertainment portal, announces its national newsstand debut Nov. 2013. The Magazine’s debut cover will boast Atlantic Records’ recording artist, R&B sensation and television star, K. Michelle as the cover story for the Winter Issue; joining her, is multifaceted entertainer, and philanthropist, Nick Cannon as the main features, for this historic issue. The Hype Magazine recently signed a multi-year national distribution deal placing them on newsstands and in retail outlets throughout the United States and abroad.

K. Michelle’s meteoric rise, couldn’t have played out more perfectly, had it been scripted for television. After having defied the odds in both music and in life, this classically trained pianist/song writer turned reality star, can now add #1 charting Billboard artist on the Urban Charts and #2 on the Billboard 200, selling 71,853 copies its first week. The album’s hit single, V.S.O.P. continues to rock the airwaves all over the country, while K. Michelle continues to sell out venues in every city she visits. The album, currently available on iTunes has garnered some of the highest compliments music’s critics have to offer. Vibe Magazine generously calls it “The modern woman’s manifesto” and fans have canonized K. Michelle as their patron saint of unabashed honesty and raw truth. Of his artist, famed music manager Jeff Robinson has this to say: “Counted out, written off and dismissed! Yet, our focus never wavered. We put our hands to the plow and never looked back. I’m very proud of K. Michelle! Welcome to the NEW reality!” (Atlantic Records)

Nick Cannon is a burgeoning entertainment industry mogul, who began as a standup comedian to go on and claim the crown as youngest staff writer in television history on Nickelodeon’s “All That” at age 17, to becoming the host of America’s Got Talent and a plethora of other successful enterprises via his Ncredible Entertainment imprint. His MTV improv comedy series “WildNOut,” quickly became one of the most successful shows in the network’s history.

The Hype Magazine, is celebrating their 11th year with the announcement that the outlet is heading to newsstands in November 2013.

Official Launch Events:

All Star Music and Fashion Weekend Presented By: New Day Associates (Nov. 30th – Dec. 1)

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott, Newark New Jersey (Grand Ballroom)

1 Hotel Rd, Newark, NJ 07114

Nov. 30th – The Hype Magazine Issue Release Party & The R & B Showcase

Dec. 1st – Day Event – New Day Associates 17th Annual Beauty Contest and 27th Annual International Designer of the year contest, doors open at 5:00p.m.

Dec. 1st – Evening Event – Meet and Greet with The Hype Magazine and Friends Sponsored By: Twenty Grand Vodka & Music Video Live from 9p.m. – 2a.m.

Bar 13 ( 35 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003 featuring 3x Grammy Winner Miltickit, the listening party for Wealth Nation artists’ Tocarra and Cordula and 464 Marcy Productions artist The Real Bubbles.

Dec. 12th, 2013 Evening Hotlanta! – Meet and Greet with The Hype Magazine and Friends Sponsored By Hedonist Liqueur ft. Tocarra at The Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge 201 Courtland Street, Atlanta, GA 30024 from 9p.m. – 2a.m.

About The H.Y.P.E. Magazine

Established in 2002, The Hype Magazine is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. HYPE stands for “How You Perceive Everything.” It is designed to provide its patrons with relevant entertainment, eye-catching consumer ads, fashion and music news of their favorite established entertainers, while spotlighting independent artists and fashion designers seeking to gain greater exposure. This magazine reaches a unique group of consumers who view The Hype Magazine as their source for music, fashion, new trends, new products, services, entertainment, events and topics relevant to their daily lives; both personal and professional.

In 2013, The Hype Magazine won the S.T.R.O.B.E. Award for “Best Online Magazine” (Music) and is nominated for the S.E.A. (Southern Entertainment Awards) 2013 Magazine of the Year.

The Hype Magazine’s mission is to tap into new technologies and media innovations to support the continued growth of the brand and champion journalistic integrity.

via News: K Michelle and Nick Cannon To Cover @TheHypeMagazine S/o @BigBrotherBiz ‹ #THRILLERGANG.