[COMIC] Rap Ratz – “Hoodie Rat” (#rapratz)

Posted: March 26, 2012 by realjdobypr in News
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Trayvon Martin was simply murdered in a totally unjustified manner and in a totally questionable situation.  How do we KNOW the justice system is aware of the wrongness? When eye witnesses are told to change their story and camera footage is ignored we get further evidence that SOMETHING is awry in our legal system…there is no logical reason the shooter is not behind bars alongside the police chief.  No child, no matter WHAT COLOR should be executed like this so for me this is not about race…it is about an unarmed American being senselessly gunned down.

Killing for a reason

Shooting at someone for a reason...not because of mode of dress or race.

I understand about killing for a reason, I have done my part on several fronts for the Army…killing a kid without cause is unconscionable even to someone like me.

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