The Urban Link’s Purpose [Full Sail University class assignment]

Posted: May 7, 2012 by realjdobypr in Learning
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My college marketing class has given me an assignment to describe the mission of my blog and its reason for existence, as well as making some cosmetic changes like including a search box for the site.  As the readers of my blog know, I DESPISE writing about myself and what I am doing however, this assignment gave me some incentive to think about WHY I blog and what I hope to accomplish with this thing that actually began as an experiment!  I had no idea what a blog was or what to do with it when I started so I put up some random stuff and was VERY surprised that I received any type of response at all, well look at The Urban Link now LOL.  I have met some incredible bloggers, been educated by engaging with my readers and learning how great the exchange of information is with my blogger friends around the world.

Ok Ok on to the actual purpose of this post!  My goal for this blog is to provide an informational outlet about the urban entertainment community, create an archive of helpful tips & tricks that can help guide the independent artists and labels through the maze of this ever changing industry.  I have been blessed with several great guest post authors who share their knowledge and expertise which also helps ME grow as a professional as well.  I have also been able to gleen useful items from blogs I follow and can pass on to any reader interested.

I have also been told that my blog informs those on the outside of the industry who like to get their information without all of the fluff and nonsense one can get from some of the “tier 1” media outlets and that I take as a huge compliment!  In closing and I know it should be another paragraph however, I am going to encapsulate that last paragraph into just these few words, the purpose of my blog is to inform, entertain and learn from my readers in an even exchange.

There now I am done!  Thanks for reading.

  1. gigoid says:

    When I saw your new profile pic, I wasn’t sure it was you… I got used to the old one, I guess… good posting, and I think your teacher should be happy with it…. keep up the good work, dude… you help us old-timers keep up…. 🙂


    • jdobypr says:

      Thanks Ned…I decided to change it up a little bit with the picture, that picture is so old and who wears that nowdays anyway LOL! Thanks for checkin in Sir!


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