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Posted: December 2, 2012 by realjdobypr in News

Celebrity model and DJ Nicole Chen declares she did not plagiarize anyone’s work to AsiaOne News.

Singapore (PRWEB) December 02, 2012

Celebrity model and DJ Nicole Chen and her associated record label responded to allegations that she took credit for another DJs unauthorized remix. Italian DJ Allessandro Vinai has accused Chen of taking credit for his bootleg remix of Niki Minaj’s “Pound the Alarm” according to Asiaone.com’s “Showbiz” page. (Ang, asiaone.com, November 6, 2012)

In a November 9, 2012 article by Benson Ang of Singapore based “The New Paper,” Allessandro Vinai admitted to stealing and creating a “bootleg” mix of the song “Pound the Alarm” by Cash Money Records artist Nicki Minaj. Vinai later accused Chen, a well known international DJ and remixer, of stealing his admittedly stolen mix.

Vinai brazenly uploaded a YouTube video showing him creating his stolen mix and then posted it on his Facebook page.

In a message to The New Paper, Chen responded, “There is absolutely no truth to the alleged accusations of me plagiarizing anybody’s work.”

Chen is a former beauty queen and was crowned Miss Earth Singapore in 2007. Since that time, she has earned a reputation as a first-class DJ and has performed at festivals across asia. In October of 2012 during an event in Bangkok, Thailand, Chen was photographed with American Socialite Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton joined Chen in the DJ booth during the event. There are talks of Chen and Hilton teaming up for Hilton’s DJ world premier. The attack by Vinai has unfairly created shadows of a negative light on the international DJs character.

The New Paper correspondent Zul Othman, interviewed Asian record label WeMakeNoise, Inc. Will Kingston , who is the label manager, responded to questions from the reporter on the song in question:

Othman asked if when the track would be released and if released to an online portal, which one. Kingston responded “I do not understand this. We do not own the rights to the song so we don’t understand how it could be for sale by us. The rights belong to Young Money and Cash Money Records. THEY determine if they wish to publish it or they consider it as a tribute.”

WeMakeNoise has released several of Chen’s original tracks via their Universal Music Asia distribution channel, which can be found on iTunes and Beatport. Both outlets have been celebrated for their superior copyright checking and artist protection policies.

This situation deteriorated to such a low level, that even news correspondent Zul Othman of The New Paper stooped to denigrating women DJs saying that “…women DJs aren’t as good as the men.” Othman continued that “Though if it came down to looks, women DJs would win hands down – you can count the number of good-looking male DJs on one hand.” The New Paper correspondent Othman’s personal attack on Chen was recorded in the Asiaone news report “On Copying, Catty comments and colourful canines” by Jonathan Roberts (AsiaOne, Nov. 9, 2012)

Universal Music Group Asia, executives have indicated their continued support for Chen and stated they are not available to comment at this time.


(Ang, AsiaOne News, 2012) Is model-DJ a misunderstood… talent or thief?


(Roberts, AsiaOne News, 2012) On copying, catty comments and colourful canines


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