Pinqy Ring “Tickets” ft. Bo Deal (BSM)

Posted: December 24, 2012 by realjdobypr in News

Pinqy Ring brings it like Hip Hop was meant to be presented…”Tickets” ft. Bo Deal of Waka Flocka’s BSM held his end as well.

The Urban Link

Pinqy Ring is one of the dopiest MCs I have heard in quite a long time … I would try to put my spin on her and her story but she is so damn unique that in my humble opinion, only SHE can lay it out for you! I will just say that she is one of the newest writers on The Hype Magazine editorial roster but with her lyrical skills, we may not have her for long. Her single “Tickets” with Bo Deal of Waka Flocka‘s Brick Squad Monopoly, is an exposé of those fake rappers claiming to be rich or ‘gangsta’ when it simply isn’t the truth.

Pinqy Ring is a high school teacher as well as a rapper…her students really get the best of both worlds from their teacher.  Besides getting the 3 r’s, she can relate to them from a street perspective and as an…

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  1. K says:



  2. Alex says:

    Arreglenlo mas mejor porque no puedo descargar música de aqui


  3. Brittany Alexander says:

    Hey I nominated you for the Reality Blog Award. Go to to check it out.


  4. […] Pinqy Ring – Tickets ft. Bo Deal (BSM) @PinqyRing […]


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