The Hype Magazine Interviews Awkword and Gets His ‘World View’ | @AWKWORDrap

Posted: August 7, 2013 by realjdobypr in News, The Hype Magazine
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Awkword; Hip Hop Activist with a “World View
One of the driving forces for my becoming a journalist was the ability to tell a story about things that matter, talking to people with a larger view of the world outside of themselves and sharing those stories with people who care.  I had the opportunity to speak with one of the most impactful and globally active Hip Hop personalities in the game today, Awkword.  He’s not only a true Hip Hop product, but he actively and aggressively addresses subjects that make a difference in our communities and societies, as people, no matter our geographical location.
Awkword is touted by recognized Hip Hop culture leaders like Chuck D of Public Enemy as making “quality music that deserves to be heard.” He is also, the thought leader behind a groundbreaking musical movement called “World View.”
What is so special about this project?  It is the first musical project which donates 100% of its proceeds to charity, is backed by one of the most respected financial investment institution in the world, Morgan Stanley, and has garnered the support of major media and industry players, to boot.
World View” will be distributed digitally worldwide with special promotions via and limited edition, autographed physical CD being pressed and offered exclusively via his official website  The project has not only American artists as contributors, but joins together artists from countries like Malawi, Namibia, Brazil and Moldova.

Hear the exclusive interview via The Hype Magazine Interviews Awkword and Gets His ‘World View’ | @AWKWORDrap | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News.


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