The Wiggles ‘Taking Off’ from Down Under to Global Phenomenon

Posted: August 14, 2013 by realjdobypr in News
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The Hype Magazine Interviews The Wiggles

Magic happens with children stimulated by color, music and movement as any parent knows.  Those things seem to be the basis of any successful program dedicated to our babies.  The Wiggles, with more than 23 years since its creation, capitalize on those three keys to captivate audiences of not just children, but grownups in touch with their inner child. The Wiggles “Taking Off!” worldwide tour arrives in North America and lands in over thirty-five major cities between August and October.

Successfully growing from a local program in Sydney Australia to a global powerhouse, The Wiggles have brought the fun and education back to children’s television.  Providing wholesome fun and addicting songs to those who experience a Wiggles television program, live event or purchase one of their multi-million unit selling DVDs or CDs, is their claim to fame…and we are eating it up!!!

The Hype Magazine got a chance to speak with two of The Wiggles crew, Anthony (Blue Wiggle) and Emma (Yellow Wiggle) while out on tour in Europe.  Anthony is the founder of The Wiggles and Emma is the newest cast member and only female Wiggle.

How did The Wiggles come about?

According to Wiggles founder Anthony, The show was formed in Australia, 23 years ago and the original members are graduates of McCright University with degrees in early childhood studies.  According to Anthony, they gathered another friend who was a rock and roller and put together a show for children and families.  They began in Australia and have now branched out to audiences in North America, South America and Asia as well.

After all this time, Anthony states “We are still enjoying it as much as ever.”  He continued, “The Show was developed in the pre-schools of Sydney where we learned how to communicate with children and what they respond to.”

Emma is the first ever female Wiggle and her character has been so well received that she now has a following of young girls lovingly tagged as “The Mini-Emma Army.”

via The Hype Magazine Exclusive Interview with The Wiggles


  1. I’m not sure about The Wiggles 2.0 but it’s not just the kids that love them….

    Having seen The Living End live when they’ve included ‘Hot Potato’ in their set is brilliant…everyone loves it, guaranteed good times!


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