Josh Pyke @ The Corner (with Olympia & Patrick James) – 17 Aug ’13

Posted: August 19, 2013 by realjdobypr in News

A Higher Revelation

It’s been just short of a year since Josh Pyke last played The Corner on his Only Sparrows album tour. But on the back of his latest album, The Beginning and the End of Everything, it was time to hear what this new album would deliver for a fan filled, sold out crowd.

Olympia was the first act of the night, with haunting, captivating vocals across an encapsulating sound that draws you in and captivates your attention. Layered vocal effects were incorporated into many of the tracks with vocal loops created on stage to accompany the otherwise solo guitar performances, while songs on keys were testament to Olympia’s powerful, soaring vocals as featured on her EP. This was potentially a more mellow start to the evening than some were expecting, but definitely worth a listen.


It seems that there were a few Patrick James fans in the crowd…

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