Industry Profile: Wardell Malloy, Senior Director of Writer/Publisher Relations for BMI | @BMI

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Industry Profile: Wardell Malloy, Senior Director of Writer/Publisher Relations for BMI | @BMI | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News

Wardell Malloy, Senior Director of Writer/Publisher Relations for BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) spoke with The Hype Magazine on one of the most historic days in recent music history, just prior to the BMI R&B/HipHop Awards August 22, 2013.  One of the key awards to be given that day, was the BMI Icon Award presented to Cash Money Records’ founders Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams and Ronald ‘Slim’ Williams.

Wardell began with BMI as an Associate Director and came over to BMI with the goal of increasing the company’s awareness on the urban side.  He brings in talent, creates educational events and drives strategic partnerships with organizations to advance the BMI brand.  BMI represents a significant amount of talent that are chart toppers.

In addition to those duties, Wardell is a large contributor to the BMI R&B/HipHop Awards (formerly the BMI Urban Awards) which is an annual event honoring industry icons and presents awards to the most performed songs for the year.  Other awards include songwriter of the year and producer of the year, among others.

While our time together was brief, it was clear that Wardell is a strong advocate of music creators, gives of himself openly to artists and truly enjoys helping ensure they receive all of the benefits and protections deserved by their hard work.

Tell us about Wardell Malloy and your position at BMI.

I’ve been at BMI a little over 10 years now, and my job is to bring in the talent.  We represent thousands of amazing and talented songwriters and producers.  I bring in the talent and help ensure that our market share stays where it is supposed to be.

For those who are not familiar with the organization, what is BMI?

BMI is a performance rights organization that started in 1939, and so basically when songs are publicly performed in restaurants, in clubs, etc., those vendors have to pay licensing fees to play that music.  We collect those on those licensing fees and distribute them as royalties for our songwriters, so we are paying them for the creation of their work.

During our conversation, we were joined by Leah Luddine, Director Public Relations, BMI Corporate Communications & Marketing Department who addressed the question of “What are some unique factors about BMI as a performance rights organization.”

Leah stated that, “The thing with BMI, that being founded in 1939 what made BMI so unique is, we have always had what is called an ‘open door policy.'”  She continued, “The founders and forward thinkers, wanted to represent songwriters in emerging genres like jazz, blues and country to protect the public performance of their music. BMI has operated on a non-profit making basis and is now the largest music rights organization in the US. We are still nurturing talent in new music but with the open door policy, we welcome all different types of music creators, composers and publishers.  That is one of the best and most unique features of BMI” Leah finished.

Wardell added to that saying, “Also, for us [BMI], you don’t actually have to have anything in the marketplace at the time of signing up.” He continued, ” A lot of times we have brand new songwriters who are just trying to enter the business, that sign up with BMI, so that’s also part of the open door policy.”

How does one qualify to be a member of BMI?

Be an amazing songwriter! [laugh] We have a few ways you can sign up.  You can sign up in person although we encourage people to sign up online because it’s seamless.  You go online, fill out the join now application and you get your account number in minutes.  So that is one of the best ways to sign up…really all you need to be is a creator of music to become a member of BMI.

While BMI is headquartered in New York, they also have offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Puerto Rico and Miami for the US and a London office for the UK.

via Industry Profile: Wardell Malloy, Senior Director of Writer/Publisher Relations for BMI | @BMI | The Hype Magazine 24/7 News.


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