Fonts and Branding: How Typography Affects Your Identity in the Music Industry – MTT – Music Think Tank

Posted: August 27, 2013 by realjdobypr in News
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Typography Friday

Typography Friday (Photo credit: erokCom)

What does your typography say about you? It speaks volumes about your music brand and what it stands for. As visual creatures, most people respond to the look and feel of your music’s branding as much as its sound. According to the Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of the population learn visually. Since your branding is often the first impression people will have before hearing the music, it pays to craft it in a way that best reflects your identity.

Chris Lake argues in a recent Econsulancy article that typography, at least in terms of artist or band web design, doesn’t matter as much as it once did in a world where eye-catching visuals are king. However, attractive visual elements are only a part of the complete music brand identity experience.

Why Typography Matters

Typography plays a key psychological role in how people view your music. If you want to attract new fans and retain loyal ones, it’s important to consider your visual representation in print, online and everywhere in between. A picture says a thousand words, but people spend an extraordinary amount of time reading text.

A particular type of font can invoke a wide range of perceptions and emotions, ultimately creating an image of that particular artist. For example, handmade typography and decorative fonts help musical artists stand out from others and invoke a more personal, intimate image. Meanwhile, sans serif fonts, such as Helvetica, are essential for clean visual identities that rely on expert use of white space and simplistic styling elements.

Making the right typographic choices matters when it comes to certain brand identity elements. This is especially true for business cards, which often serve as the gateway to future gigs and business relationships. When it comes to business card printing, a card that features well-matched font choices combined with brilliant design cues can easily draw in potential clients and leave brilliant first impressions.

via Fonts and Branding: How Typography Affects Your Identity in the Music Industry – MTT – Music Think Tank.


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