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A couple months ago I was introduced to this artist wearing face paint in the style of a classic mime…not sure what made me look at the video, perhaps because he had manners and said hello, introduced himself before bombarding me with links…yup, he had manners!!!
As I started the video, I confess I wasn’t looking at the screen or to be truthful, listening with more than half an ear…and then the intro went out and in came this banging joint which made me instinctively glance at the screen to see what?!  An artistically done black and white video with some crazy effects that didn’t take away from the song, just added to the pure entertainment value.  The track was insane after the slow setup of the intro and banged right through the outtro, so I what I’m definitely saying is this was one of the most fun moments I’ve had covering music in quite some time…yup…I hit replay about 8x in a row, it’s that dope to me.
Shyine has an amazing story, when we spoke via telephone and he explained how he created the video “Back To Life,” I was amazed.  Obviously his skill set doesn’t just revolve around making music, he is his own one-stop shop..amazing in this day and age.  This kid does just about EVERYTHING himself and he flat out brings it.
I did this interview back in August for The HYPE Magazine and Shyine promptly returned it but something made me wait to drop it and now, the time is right…enjoy the conversation and make sure you check out the visuals to the single “Back To Life”  I’m sure you will become a fan of his work!
Who is Shyine, and where are you from?

Shyine is an exciting and energetic Hip Hop entertainer from Louisville, Kentucky. Best known for his out the box thinking when it comes to creating music, Shyine’s ultimate goal is to “Bring Hip Hop back to the forefront” and the forefront is truly where he stands.

How did you discover your musical talent?
Growing up around music, through the years I was a music lover not a music maker, until 2009 I was opened to the making of music as I was first introduced to beat production. From that point on I was hooked. I then decided that being a music producer was something for Me, staying more behind the scenes and focusing on just producing beats. I would soon realize that I was destined for much more than I could have imagined.
Who has been your greatest inspirations musically and why?
One of the biggest influences in music for me was Michael Jackson. I can still remember the first time I saw Thriller on VHS. The creativity with-in his music was mind blowing and the entertainment value was off the charts. When it came to his music, the level of originality and creativity was unheard of. He was not afraid of stepping out of the box when it came to his music. Tupac Shakur was another huge inspiration to me. His true life stories being translated into music gave me a inside look at a life from his prospective. This is when I discovered my love for West Coast style of music.
What do you feel you offer the music industry that we don’t already have in other performers?
To be different is to be original which I seem to do very well. Bringing a unique sound and vibe to music is and has been the plan from day one.  From making my own beats, to recording them in my home studio and engineering and mixing them all myself so that people could see the whole me when it comes to my music. Even shooting my first Music Video I wanted them to see what I see, but through my eyes. I have always felt nothing comes without hard work and knowledge and the only way to gain knowledge was to experience all aspects of the music business. With out of the box thinking, from music, to the videos and even the stage performances, I give the fans a show with music they can just move and vibe to.  One of the biggest compliments I have received was “Your music is so different, but I really like it.” This coming from a big Country music fan who didn’t like Hip Hop or Rap.
Have you encountered any problems in getting to this point in your career?
There are so many artists trying to break into the industry that it waters down the value of a true musician and makes it hard to be heard. They say it’s all about who you know, but in reality it’s what kind of relationship you build with those you know and meet. This has been the biggest issue with my career but have I strived to overcome it by never giving up and taking chances and always reaching out to new people. I continue to reach out to others because for every 100 no’s there might be a chance at 1 yes, and it only takes one yes to change your situation.
What do you want people to get from your music?
I guess what I would want most is for the fans and supporters to truly enjoy the music I create. When they hear my music I want it to put a smile on their faces and make their body move to the beat. Music has always played a large roll in my life and has helped me through good times and bad times and holds a unbelievable power for the soul. I love to be entertained and the thing I love even more is entertaining others.

Read the full interview here >>>


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