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Kokane and Busta Rhymes

West Coast Hip Hop Legend Kokane

West Coast Hip Hop legend Kokane, the one and only Busta Rhymes and Leezy Soprano get it in with their new joint “What I” from the upcoming album “Shut tha Ef Up & Cut Tha Checc” releasing Tuesday January 10th, 2014. Produced by Skip and Nuk.  One of the hottest joints to hit Hip Hop in a minute, it shuts down the folks that come out of the woodwork who haven’t spoken to you in YEARS; until you make a name for yourself.  It happens everyday, you work hard, others don’t support you as they could and then when your hard work pays off, here they come with their hand out!  If they ever gave you a dollar even for gas, you ‘owe them’…this song’s a gas!  Enjoy!

Kokane, also known as Jerry B. Long, Jr., was born 1969, in Bronx, New York. When he was still a baby, he moved to California, where he was raised in the City of Pomona. Though Kokane had been involved with the West Coast rap scene since the dawn of gangsta rap, Kokane’s life has always included music. He is the son of Motown composer “Jerry B Long, Sr.”, whose works include: “Just My Imagination” sung by the Temptations, “Still Waters Run Deep”, “Smiling Faces,” “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” & many more.

Kokane’s career launched at Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records, with him co-writing for N.W.A.’s “Appetite for Destruction” on the album ‘Niggaz4life’, where he first introduced one of his character’s, “Sweet Talk.” His first album release, ‘Addictive Hip Hop Muzick, in 1991, was entitled “Who Am I?”  “Nickel Slick Nigga,” (first solo single)  appeared on the ‘Deep Cover’ soundtrack. In addition, to guest appearing and co-writing for Eazy E’s “It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa,” Kokane also contributed to other West Coast gangsta rap albums such as Above the Law’s “Black Mafia Life”  and “Uncle Sam’s Curse,” many more.

In 1994, Kokane released his second album, ‘Funk Upon a Rhyme, where he completely revolutionized his style, incorporating a great deal of singing, rapping and packin’ it with the original G Funk (the sound that impacted cultures). His eccentric vocal approach is half fluid rapping and half weird P-funk-influenced singing. ‘Funk Upon A Rhyme‘  hit Billboard Charts and sold globally, and is now a collectors album selling for $100 or more on Ebay and other internet sites.

Kokane’s sound was so “IN DEMAND,” that by this time, music artist from all over the world had to get a feature from the Legendary Kokane. He left Ruthless right after Eazy-E’s death. Two years later, Kokane was a free agent. He reappeared in late 1999 with a solo album on Eureka Records, “They Call Me Mr. Kane.” Shortly after, he appeared on Dr. Dre’s album ‘2001′ and did heavy collaboration with Snoop Dogg on “The Last Meal.

He has worked with artists such as George Clinton; Bootsy Collins; George Duke & Stanley Clark (The Great Jazz Legends); Larry Blackman (Cameo); Above The Law; N.W.A.; Eazy-E; Ice Cube; Tha Eastsidaz; Cypress Hill; E-40; Nipsey Hussle; P Diddy & Busta Rhymes, and many more.


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