Youngest Son of Musical Legend Peter Tosh Held in Jail on $200,000 Bond

Posted: October 14, 2013 by realjdobypr in News, Press Releases
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Peter Tosh

Carrying on the Tosh legacy. (PRNewsFoto/CPUnite)

HACKENSACK, N.J., Oct. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — CPUnite, a non-profit committed to civil rights and health equity, is supporting Jawara McIntosh in his fight for the right to choose his own medicine.

In a bond reduction hearing Monday, October 7th, Bergen County Judge, John A. Conte refused to release Rastafari Reggae Artist, Jawara McIntosh, known also as Tosh 1, on his own recognizance to await trial. Tosh is charged with possession of ’25 pounds or more of marijuana with intent to deliver’. The previously set $200,000 bond was left unchanged, although Judge Conte has taken under advisement the defense’s suggestion of the “Family Bond” as an alternative to the monetary bond.

Tosh pleads ‘not guilty’ of the alleged crime, and the defense contends that being too poor to make bond is no reason to be kept in jail, and that monetary bonds are no guarantee that a defendant will appear for trial. According to the defense, a much better measure of the defendant’s flight risk is the character of the defendant, his role in the world community and his family ties. They recommended Judge Conte rely upon “The Family Bond” which is a vivid demonstration of the commitment of Tosh’s family to see that justice is done in this matter.

The $200,000 bail set in this case bears no relation to the harm that Tosh is accused of – ‘possession of marijuana’. Bail of this amount is totally inconsistent with the non-violent, victimless nature of the alleged offence.

Tosh, who has no criminal record, stands accused of possession of an herb that 20 states, including New Jersey, consider to have significant medicinal value (as demonstrated by the information provided to Judge Conte.) The defense introduced 3 Items into evidence: O’Shaunnessy’s: The Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practice, and The Family Bond with accompanying video:


Tosh’s appearance coincides with the 50th Anniversary of His Majesty Haile Selassie‘s War Speech to the United Nations, and on the eve the Peter Tosh Birthday Celebrations taking place to commemorate this musical legend and Original ‘Legalize It‘ campaigner.

Case Updates and the campaign to Free Tosh at /

CPUnite is a California/Colorado non-profit committed to individual rights and social wellness. It was founded in defense of our human need to heal ourselves with the most appropriate medicine, to be able to manage our health by knowing exactly what is in the food we eat, and to share what we know.

Under our mandate we hold (and science supports) that cannabis herb is a perfect medicine as it repairs, restores and supplements the mechanism by which our body heals itself: the endocannabinoid system. Its ease of use, safety profile, and wide range of applications means that cannabis herb is an effective, safe medicine. It belongs into the hands of the people, for it provides treatment at fraction of the cost of currently sanctioned healthcare. In this, The Herb lives up to its reputation as The Healing of the Nation.


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