What To Do When Someone Asks You To Work For Free

Posted: November 16, 2013 by realjdobypr in News

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They’re interested. Negotiate.


Tensions long simmering reached a boil last week when a music maker dubbed Whitey tore a potential customer a new subwoofer and went viral for his pique after apparently being asked if he was willing to license his music to a production house at no charge. Great googly moogly, a musician finally stood up for demselves! And there was much celebration in the land.

But I for one doubt this ventation will net Whitey significant Benjamins moving forward. There will of course be the righteous activist-with-money types that seek to reward his valor, and also those hoping to just put out the fire before a full-scale insurrection takes hold. But his rant is the one of untold thousands that went viral—simply duplicating the deed isn’t likely to win you the same sympathies.

Why is this such an issue anyway? You can always go to the corner…

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