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Posted: November 29, 2013 by FAREZ in Hip Hop, HipHopOnDeck, Music, Music Videos, News


The well-known Dallas street boss turned rap artist unveils his gripping story of being targeted by Federal Agents in a series of recent raids 

DALLAS, TX {Nov., 2013} – Kristian “Casanova Kris” Fitz releases a blueprint new video entitled “Love Nova” that unveils compelling real life events surrounding his life as a Dallas street boss. Just 364 days ago, one of the biggest raids in Texas took place simultaneously on multiple properties owned by Casanova Kris. The captivating lyrics spell out details of what happened when he fell victim to the series of federal raids last year that even included his parent’s home, making headlines on major network local TV news. His new video incorporates real documented news coverage, even showing him in handcuffs at the hands of federal agents, while allowing his riveting lyrics to take center stage. 

While awaiting a possible federal case against him, Casanova Kris vowed to turn his life around after putting his family and loved ones in harms way. With a first love for music, the passionate artist is now telling his story as one of the most successful and lavish street entrepreneurs in Dallas. 

 “There was nothing else I could do after the raids. I had to change my life. The best situation was to get back into the music for my family’s sake. ‘Love Nova’ is an introduction to my flow and my real story,” Casanova Kris explains. “I’m trying to reveal to the world how upset I am with the way music videos and media nowadays tend to make drugs and the life look really good, like it’s OK to live that way. But once everything is taken away from you and your family’s rights are violated, it’s not pretty. That side of the story is not being told enough,” he says. 

 Casanova Kris is currently in the studio working on his debut mixtape titled “Nov. 28th” in memory of that fateful day last year when his life was forever changed. He teamed up with 2 Chainz and hit producers Drumma Boy, Play N Skillz, and Rob Vargas Music on this new project. He’s already creating quite a buzz with his singles “Something from Nothing,” and “The Sweet Life,” and will be featured on the cover of Cosign Magazine’s Power Issue in December. With a slew of felonies to his name and years of jail time served including three and a half years of a five-year prison sentence, Casanova Kris spits nothing but the truth. His casual coolness, sexy suave, love for high-end fashion, lavish lifestyle, and talented wordplay are all apparent in his music. “Everything I’ve seen, from the streets to my life in Beverly Hills, it’s all real. This is my life,” notes Casanova Kris. 

While tirelessly working on his music, the Dallas artist finds time to work with his local Heads Up Foundation, traveling to local schools and talking to kids about making the right decisions in life. 


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  1. essince says:

    That’s crazy. It’s good to see someone at least TRYING to tell the other side of the street life and turn his life around.


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