Bits of Advice on Growth and Readership

Posted: December 12, 2013 by realjdobypr in News

Great reading for bloggers and new site owners…#read


In the past, we’ve shared quick optimization tips, sharing plugins, and other tools to help drive traffic to your site. Over on The Daily Post, we’ve published interviews with popular bloggers on growing your site and building your readership.


Here are snippets from a great Q&A with author Cristian Mihai.

What’s your secret to building such a large following?

The secret is to do something you’re passionate about, something you care deeply about. Because if you do so, odds are that someone else will relate to what you’re doing. If every post you write means something to you, it’ll undoubtedly mean something to other people, too.

Another key aspect is consistency. It’s not all about quantity — posting every day, for instance — but also about quality. Readers should know what to expect every time they get notified that you posted something new on your blog.

Blogging is…

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