MIXTAPE REVIEW: Nikki(Nix @706nix) McKnight “The McKnight Files”

Posted: February 25, 2014 by phoenixstar9 in News

Tha Underground Come Up

Have you heard of a little city in Georgia named Columbus? Well there is one artist that is making sure that you NEVER FORGET IT. Nikki(Nix @706nix) McKnight is a songwriter, artist, and producer that is making her name known through her music. She has made a lot of noise in Columbus and the people are listening.

The McKnight Files features songs that have a lot of heart,courage, and honesty which she showcases on the high energy and hi-hat heavy track, “Motivation”, as well as the sonically refreshing “S.O.S”. NIX usually keeps it humble but on the hip hop techno synth filled “Hands Down” ft Mike Deville she basically eats her hater’s food in front of them right off their plates. “I tried to remain humble but niggas think it’s a game, yeah they pop off all they want to but never mention my name.” Then makes them do the dishes with “I Rep” ft Viktor Strange. Her…

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