Les Classiques: New Release by Los Angeles Based Duo STRANGE FRUIT | @StrangeFruitLA

Posted: March 5, 2014 by realjdobypr in Music, News
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Strange Fruit are releasing a new dance track with Counterfeit Fun Records that is poised to take 2014 underground club scene across cities and countries around the globe by storm.

The two members of Strange Fruit (Andrew K & Dmitriy R), have over 10 years of accumulated music production and DJing expirience. At the moment that you listen to any of their recent productions, you get the idea how rich they are in both talent and experience.

That aside, judging by what is on Soundcloud as a prerelease, this new song may just proof that they are not going anywhere soon.

The electronic music duo from Los Angeles, Strange Fruit, is on a mission, as always, to extend the light and love of electronic music to you. Those who know them, and have come into contact with their work and live performance before, acknowledge that these guys’ deep love and passion for music hardly disappoint.

Their new release goes by the title, “Les Classiques”, which translates to “The Classics”, presuming you are not conversant with French language. It is not a surprise that the high standards they set for themselves will match the name with excellent quality.

via Les Classiques: New Release by Los Angeles Based Duo STRANGE FRUIT.


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