Your Sunday iPod Add: Latasha Lee & the Blackties is good music!

Posted: March 31, 2014 by realjdobypr in News

Awesome artist…great post by Just SOul You Know…

Just SOul You Know

latasha-lee-and-the-black-ties-pic Welcome back to your Sunday iPod add. It’s been a minute so let’s get to it!  This year I have really made an effort only to listen to what I deem as good music. Music with lyrics that actually move beyond the sophomoric and say something or at the very least try to say something; music that sonically takes you on a ride by consciously utilizing verse, chorus, and bridge; musicians whom know how to employ most of the following: the turnaround, refrain, and tag; Oh and unique, sincere, and talented voices are indeed a necessity for creating good music. So for me listening to over the air radio is a poor option­–at least in my neck of the woods. In this endeavor I have been relegated to listening to various Internet radio stations–which if you find the right station can be a dream come true.

Thus far I have…

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