Video: Silent Murder – @INNOCENTFLOW13, @rustejuxx357 & @SeanPrice {Dir. By Donald Robinson Cole III}

Posted: April 18, 2014 by FAREZ in Hip Hop, HipHopOnDeck, Music Videos
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There’s no doubt about it that Brooklyn births some of the most stone cold characters in our nation’s history. From Bugsy Siegel to Biggie, Brooklynites never back down from any challenge, even it it involves making enemies in the process. But through the lyrically poised Innocent?*, scrappy spitter Ruste Juxx, and raw rhymes of Sean Price*, “Silent Murder” gives you an insight of the inner workings of Crooklyn. Devoid of hooks and over produced beats, it’s a potent, choir sampling joint that’s full of bars detailing the trio’s hustle and love for their borough. “Silent Murder” is taken from T.H.E.M. Recordings forthcoming Killin’ the Game compilation.. stay tuned!

About Innocent?: 

In the United States, one of the legal system’s tenets holds that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. Such concepts need not apply to the streets. And in the case of Innocent? vs. The People, the jury is still out. As the judge and listener, you are presented with two versions of the same story: on the one hand, the defendant claims to be a quiet, honor roll student, from the Pink Houses in East New York, Brooklyn, while on the other, the prosecutor sees a hoodlum who served time upstate in the Catskills in prison for illicit activities. It’s up to you to rule a decision. Your evidence? 


The music.

Innocent?’s lyricism and beat selection is a return to the roots of Hip-Hop, when masses of people would gather around two turntables out in a local park to watch a freestyle or just get down. Not only can Innocent? entertain, he also educates. As a teacher of the game and the streets to the younger generation of rappers, Innocent? approaches rapping like a diligent student in class, while drawing influences from the greats before him, such as Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, and the Notorious B.I.G. Innocent? requires only a song concept or the mood provided by a beat for his pen to hit the pad, allowing him to express his passion for the art and what he knows best – his life experiences. It’s not about a major deal for Innocent?. Like any other person standing on trial, Innocent? wants to have his story heard.

download Below;


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