Chris Brown’s bodyguard guilty of assault; singer’s trial delayed

Posted: April 21, 2014 by realjdobypr in News

It just never ends for CB…wow

 (CNN) — Chris Brown’s assault trial has been delayed until Wednesday as lawyers regroup after the conviction of the singer’s bodyguard, who was to have testified.

Prosecutors are considering whether to grant immunity to bodyguard Christopher Hollosy so that he could testify in Brown’s trial.

Minutes before Brown’s trial was to have begun in the same court, D.C. Superior Judge Patricia Wynn on Monday morning found Hollosy guilty of assaulting a man on a Washington sidewalk.

Hollosy was not justified in hitting Parker Adams since there was no evidence he was advancing on the singer as he took photos with a fan, the judge said. Wynn, who will also decide Brown’s case, said she believed the testimony of a limousine driver who said Brown hit Adams before Hollosy attacked.

Hollosy’s case was tried first so that he could freely testify in his boss’ defense about the sidewalk fight that landed…

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