#LGBTUNDERGROUNDInterviews: Lady Soal + Exclusive New Single “TearDrops”

Posted: May 22, 2014 by realjdobypr in News



#Exclusive Listen: “TearDrops”

LGBTUDRGRD:Hi, how’s it going?
LS: It is going well thank you for asking

LGBTUDRGRD:Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself for our readers?

LS: My names Is ladysoal also known as Sharika soal. I am singe/performer and social media enthusiast haha.

LGBTUDRGRD:So what’s been happening with you & the music at the moment?

LS: Right now I just released a new single called Tear drops produced by Daniel espinosa and steville miller of angry arcade. Other than I’m on a little bit of break from the crazyness that is LA and the music industry .

LGBTUDRGRD:How would you describe your music and What inspires you to create the type of music you make, especially “Bus Driver Blues?

LS: Bus driver blues was inspired by my depression to be blunt. It came from a time where I just felt utterly desperate for…

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