@HipHopOnDeckcom Reviews @GoodyGunz “2nd Quarter” Mixtape

Posted: September 25, 2014 by FAREZ in HipHopOnDeck
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The track “Gunz is 4” had a real G-Unit type of beat with a sick bounce. The song itself was real gangster shit too. The flow was real sick though, I was feeling his multi-syllable game.
The next song “Resurrection” was more punch line based and the like rhymes where real tight. His feature, Hollowman, was cool but Goody Gunz was the star here.
“Belong to the city” was definitely dope and something I can vibe with. I definitely felt the streets of Philly in that song.
As a true hip hop head, “Say Yes” was real nice. It was somehow smooth and rugged at the same time. That boy Walt Anderson got a voice though!
This track “Sun don’t shine” with Fred the Godson was fire. The beat was real ill and I thought he sounded ill together with Fred. The vibe was epic and sullen.
“Where they at” was definitely a banger. I thought it was going to be a simple track style but he went on it with hip hop swag. Reminded me some Fab mixed with Nas. It takes a lot of me to compare someone with Nas but Goody Gunz did it with this club/hip hop hybrid. Some straight gangster shit. His remix on the Draft Day beat was cool. Nothing really stood out like the other songs but the track was still hot nonetheless.
The Heaven and Hell and remix though, he went in on that joint. The flow was incredible.
“King of the city” was dope, definitely an epic beat. I actually like the flip on this beat rather than Jay-z’s “Dead Presidents.”
“O to 100” remix was hot, no complaints here. I thought he murked this beat. I thought it was kinda funny how he used some of Drake’s style and words on the beat but it fit and didn’t sound like he was biting. The last verse was ill though.
“This is the end” was a great track to end the mixtape with. Another epic beat that fit the attitude and delivery of Gunz; one of my favorite joints on this project.
Goody Gunz isn’t a hip hop nerd but you can tell he’s intelligent with the words. He has a lot of swag on the mic that doesn’t sound forced and I appreciate his hip hop style with an updated twist. I loved his beat selection and the aggression of his delivery. This mixtape got a strong 8/10 for me. I would’ve given it a nine but I felt that he wasn’t too versatile with his content. I do respect the content and style, don’t get me wrong,  it’s just to get a nine or ten with me, you’ll will have to step out the box and reach that fourth dimension.Follow Goody Gunz On Twitter & Instagram @GoodyGunz


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