Who Is: Chaz Gotti… ‘Authentic’

Posted: October 5, 2014 by realjdobypr in Hip Hop
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Chaz Gotti

Chaz Gotti

Chaz Gotti, hailing from Clayton County, Atlanta, GA is a 26 year old southern hip-hop artist that has emerged as one of the freshest young talents of the year. Signed to 36 Brickhouse, the home to global hip-hop icon Waka Flocka Flame has certainly had its benefits. But now on his second successful mixtape, Authentic Chaz Gotti has delivered the music to meet the expectations. Although he’s enjoying his newfound success, just a short time ago, Chaz Gotti was facing a much different future. He was facing 120 years in prison.

Facing 120 years on 14 felony charges will make a man look in the mirror. Facing 120 years on 14 felony charges with two sons on the way for a first time father will make a man make the biggest decision of his life. The story is all too familiar, unfortunately. It’s are flection of the American experience that’s been depicted in one too many movies or one too many newspaper columns. But the street life is an American reality for thousands of young men and women every single day. And for Chaz Gotti, it was just a normal existence for a really long time.

Growing up on Rex Road just down the street from Southlake Mall, Chaz had never thought about music. Among his crew, “Dirt Gang,”Chaz was the one really focused on “other shit,”as he describes. But losing his childhood friend and “Dirt Gang”affiliate Slim Dunkin to murder influenced Chaz to pick up where his friend left off. Slim Dunkin was shot and killed in an Atlanta area recording studio. “After Slim died, I just knew I had to do it for the crew,”he quietly recalls. But it wasn’t until he had resolved his court troubles that Chaz had an opportunity to really put his soul into the craft. Fortunately for Chaz, by then, another friend from the neighborhood had already started making a name for himself in the music industry.

“Waka and I always kind of knew of each other. Our crews were the only two crews actually cool with each other in Clayton County,” says Chaz. He explains further, “We were a lot alike. He had gotten into some street shit too that kind of made him want to start rapping.” Indeed Waka Flocka Flame has become a household name with Gold and Platinum certified albums, his own management company and record label and a touring schedule that would make most of his peers envious. So naturally, he’s laid the groundwork for his friend, Chaz Gotti. Chaz has toured constantly with Waka FlockaFlame, released several records which features him and now has officially signed to the 36 Brickhouse family. Chaz simply says, “My boy is living good.I’m proud of him.

via Who Is: Chaz Gotti… ‘Authentic’.

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