@TeamBlockBallin Presents REDDYROCHLIVE “I Get High” Official Video | @ReddyRochLive

Posted: October 27, 2014 by FAREZ in HipHopOnDeck, Music Videos

Comptons Buck & Team Block Ballin present Reddy Roch Live “I Get High”  The New Anthem for those who appreciate 420 activity. The Compton, California native Block Ballin ‘s “REDDY ROCH (Rock) LIVE” has created a smooth melody to wake, Bake, Get low & get lifted to, all in the same groove. “Everythang gravy when the hazy train land, I’m from Annapolis; MaryJaneLand”

About ReddyRochLIVE

Who is Jared “ReddyRochLIVE” Hicks? ReddyRochLIVE is a Compton native.. Born & raised est.1988. He started from Mona blvd & Willowbrook, he then migrated to the East Side of Compton California. ReddyRochLIVE was born the 4th of May, making him a bull headed Taurus and Cocky in his rhyming. ReddyRochLIVE was taught at an early age to read, spell , and comprehend, so by the time he started grade school, he didn’t have too much of a hard time in the English department.

Rapping & Rhyming came like breathing and he’s making it hard for mediocre rappers as the years surpass, with huge lyrical influence from his 1st cousin who’s a lyrical being beyond this realm, So go figure. ReddyRochLIVE plans to be a top MC, one of the Greats and by the looks of things, he’s well on his way. No doubt about it


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