#NewMusic Oxymorrons 808 Clap [Official Music Video] | @OXYMORRONS

Posted: October 31, 2014 by realjdobypr in News
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Oymorrons alternative rap groupThe Oxymorrons drop of their new video today for “808 Clap” exclusively via HipHopDX.  Directed by wearaenotnatives, haunting choir vocals kick off a black and white montage of ominous figures huddled up inside of a dark warehouse. “Now, you / don’t wanna live my life, walk in my shoes / peddle on my bike,” raps K.I. as he trades verses with Dee while surrounded by a intimidating gang of masks and hoods. Imagine, the BET HipHop Awards Cipher mixed with the imagery of the movie Saw. The suspense level of  “808 Clap” only increases as the guys look to escape. In Rap, it’s always survival of the fittest, with The Oxymorrons rapping their way out of any situation.

808 Clap

Written by: Oxymorrons
Produced By: Felix Snow
Filmed, Directed & Edited by: Wearenotnatives

Instagram @oxymorrons

  1. gigoid says:

    Though I am not all that familiar with the genre, I enjoy staying in touch via your reports, which are always informative…. Take care bro, just here to say howdy….




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