Tori Bleu Drops New Video “The Heist” | @ToriBleu

Posted: December 29, 2014 by FAREZ in Hip Hop, HipHopOnDeck, Music Videos
Tori Bleu {@ToriBleu} Drops New Video For “The Heist”

About Tori Bleu:

Tori Bleu is a hip hop Recording Artist, Writer and Dancer from Detroit, Michigan, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. As a multi talented artist Tori is not only a student to her music craft she is also a real life student working on her Masters degree. Tori is beautiful, classy, ambitions and humble. Always intrigued by the business Tori comes from a family of creative types musicians/artist. Over the year she has had exposure to multiple facets of the music and entertainment industry – it’s in her blood.

Tori began with a passion for dance and acting then later evolved more towards music and writing. Though she spends most of her free time in the studio, she has published poetry and articles for several magazines. She tries to stay up on industry trends, opportunities and researching opportunities for her career and fan base. Connecting with fans and sharing her music, enjoys the steady work it requires, Branding herself as an artist is exciting to her. Tori knows that its coming and every opportunity she sees growth! On the strength and sheer notion of variety she is in the process of working on a few scripts, short stories, and a book co-authored with Bessie Johnson.

Described as a “theatrical rapper” her only aspiration is to be successful using her GOD given talent. Radiating with sexiness, lyrically she is on point and her delivery is crisp – a definite skill to be reckoned with. Her style may remind you of other artist but she is different and not boxed in at all – she created her own lane in comparison to the current female rap artist. Honestly, the landscape could use a fresh voice and ambition as she navigates her way through the male-dominated music industry . Influenced by the legends Nicki Minaj, Foxy Bown, Lil Kim, she puts a twist to her craft and encompasses her own style. Her blunt delivery style, personality, and exotic look makes her a grab your attention! With so much area for creative opportunity, her journal is always close at hand, because she is constantly scribing another perfect song to add to the library of her body of work. On a constant grind – she is constantly fueling her passion and this keeps her balanced

Look for Tori as she begins a small college tour to increase her brand and capture new fans from Atlanta to Seattle. Catch up with Tori live on as a host of HAVE A SEAT RADIO. Coming soon – her highly anticipated EP and other projects being spearheaded by her production company Dirtyboimusiz. Watch out for this shining star – Connect with her on social media and rock with her when she drops her next project. Tori Breams big but is focused, she is not chasing a deal, she is chasing longevity and her passion for music.

Watch Tori Bleu “No Flex Zone” Video {Here} & “Sexy Body” Video {Here}

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