Beasties Boys Back In Court for Second Lawsuit against Monster Energy

Posted: January 23, 2015 by realjdobypr in News

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Beastie-BoysDon’t play with the Beastie Boys’ money!

The legendary New York group is wanting an additional $2.4 million from Monster Energy on top of their original $1.7 million lawsuit filed against them. The Beastie Boys sued the multi-million dollar company for using one of their songs in the background of a video without permission.

Monster didn’t deny using the song wrongfully, but felt as though they shouldn’t have to pay more than $125,000. Billboard magazine reported that The Beasties didn’t get to see any of the $1.7 million because the money was used for legal fees against Monster.

Over the weekend (Jan. 17), a filing was created stating two years of litigation, an eight-day trial and Monster’s efforts to overturn the verdict resulted in a large bill for the group.

Read more about the Beasties and this legal drama, click here.

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  1. gigoid says:

    I wonder how many people are aware of the irony in the entire issue here…. Ah well, the fact so very few people do perceive the irony is what allows such dramas to play out on the public stage….

    More proof of how INSANE the world has become….

    Hey, JD…. thanks for keeping us all up on the music scene…. Your blog is my last, best source for this information; without it, I’d be just another clueless old white dude…. well, maybe a LITTLE different than most, but, definitely not as informed on this part of our national culture….

    See ya, amigo!

    Ned, aka, gigoid the dubious



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