The smartest kid we’ll ever meet…’Goin’ D.U.M.B’!

Posted: February 5, 2015 by realjdobypr in News
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The smartest kid we’ll ever meet…'Goin’ D.U.M.B'!

Craving something refreshing to sink your eyes, and ears, into? Here’s a concoction for a “music meal”. There are the natural ingredients of Will Smith and Austin Mahone. Think New Orleans. Think Hollywood. Yes, peel back old, sauté with some new. Boil for traditional, simmer til it’s cross-cultural and as simple as Black and White…a “HIP-POP” feast is served. Hey, it’s not as “dumb” as you think. So when considering some error-filled assumptions of African-American youth with career aspirations of being in the music industry, let’s add to the misconception of what a twelve (12) year-old, urban, recording artist who father is the infamous Mr. Travis Lyons of the city streets of New Orleans, and who witnessed the brutal murder of his oldest brother, at the tender age of ten (10) and is still adjusting to growing up, absent another sibling, because of the “life” incarceration sentence of yet another brother…for murder no less. Surely a “kid” with such a history would be the usual a la carte candidate for junior high school drop-out; a low aptitude with improper dialect to boost; tattoos; scars; a juvenile arrest record; truancy; an absent father and perhaps even sporting a past due haircut. Close? Not even. If that is the general consensus for those harboring such a mental image…well it would be just DUMB.

The smart thing to do is envision Traion “T-LYONS” Lyons, the nation’s #1 HIP-POP sensation, recently signed to independent II Fire Records/Cool Ruckus/Universal Music Group. “T-LYONS” is an articulate, clean cut, tattoo-free, ridiculously well groomed, honor student-athlete, attending John Dibert Community School, as a seventh (7th) grader. In addition to sharing the same celebrity stylist as Justin Beiber and August Alsina, “T-LYONS” ranked as high as #7 on the indie charts, just under the likes of Rocko, Lil Boosie, TYGA, Issa and Troy Ave, to name a few. Pretty “smart” and impressive company, wouldn’t you agree? The smash and inspirational single, “Goin’ Dumb” was inspired by his, and his father’s obvious life of trauma and torment, and their combined will to live positive, non-violent lives through music and good will. His father, Travis Lyons, is long standing President of the Central City Youth Against Violence. There is a newly renovated property, owned by his father for his son’s non-profit foundation, “T-Lyons Boys & Girls Safe House”, where kids can come study, be mentored, play and interact in a safe, loving, non-violent environment.

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  1. gigoid says:


    It’s really nice to see a story on a positive note; also good to hear someone can make music without resorting to the glorification of negative cultural memes, like drugs, violence, and vulgarity, which only serve to highlight differences, rather than encouraging diversity, and harmony…. We can only hope he becomes even more of a popular role model for modern youth….

    gigoid, the dubious


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