@TheHypeMagazine adds DJ Michael “5000” Watts (@DJMichaelWatts) as a Celebrity Contributor

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DJ Michael "5000" Watts joins The Hype Magazine team

DJ Michael “5000” Watts joins The Hype Magazine Editorial Staff           Photo Credit: Jerry Doby for The Hype Magazine

The Hype Magazine announced the addition of DJ Michael “5000” Watts, Founder/CEO of The Swisha House to its editorial staff. Watts will contribute to both the online portal and magazine issues, focusing on Southern Music culture and Southern culture in general.

Swisha House

Swisha House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I’m really looking forward to working with The Hype Magazine! You know most people are used to seeing and hearing me from behind a turntable. Finally they’ll get to see the other side of me. I just really want the world to know how much I love the south, its people, its music and its culture.” – Michael Watts

“DJ Michael “5000” Watts is an iconic part of the entertainment industry both domestically and abroad” says The Hype Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Jerry Doby. He continues, “Having a subject matter expert such as Watts, ensures we continue to set the standard by bringing the most on-point and relevant content. It’s not even fair, kinda like insider trading!!!”

About DJ Michael “5000” Watts 

The transition from provincial celebrity DJ to renowned record label founder has been rewarding in more ways than one for Houston, Texas native Michael “5000” Watts. Known primarily for his chopped and screwed Swisha House remixes, Watts has successfully turned regional mix tape distribution into a record label empire. However, Watts did not get to VIP status overnight. A mountain of diligence and unsurpassed talent catapulted this music icon in the making to mogul standing.

2005 brought about a national notoriety for Michael “5000” Watts. His company, Swisha House, celebrated with the chart topping victories of Houston hip-hop rookies turned luminaries Paul Wall (The People’s Champ, 2005) and Mike Jones (Who Is Mike Jones, 2005) as well as a number of highly acclaimed independent releases featuring a gifted mass of up and coming artists including the unforgettable The Day Hell Broke Loose: Parts 1 & 2 (1999, 2003).

As an ambassador of Houston hip-hop, Swisha House branded chopped and screwed remixes and the south’s clout in the music industry, Watts is a featured guest on the BET It’s My Thing television campaign. Alongside other prominent entertainment movers and shakers, Watts’ spots appeared periodically and repetitively throughout the day highlighting his distinguished success as Swisha House CEO, founder and DJ.

About The Hype Magazine

The Hype Magazine emerged as a leader in the Urban Entertainment market in 2002. Launching onto the national stage by being the first magazine cover for music artist and marketing thought leader Soldier Boy. Thriving from diversity, The Hype Magazine grew to include “News from Hip-Hop to Hollywood,” spring boarding the digital powerhouse onto the international print magazine stage, in 2013.

via #BreakingNews: The Hype Magazine welcomes DJ Michael “5000” Watts as a Celebrity Contributor.

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