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Posted: February 12, 2015 by realjdobypr in News
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Country Boy, kicks off the year with a bar(z) setter mixtape called “Back to the Basix.” He brings it raw and visceral in this 17 track ride through featuring, French Montana, Sunny Blue Bland, Kali, Youngg Offishall, Mic “Tk” Shannon, Rachet Pat, B-Lean, King Lew And More.

Lets begin with the intro…Country Boy opens up with some real talk and a massive theatrical quality big voice talent bring him out. That was unique and made me anxious to know what was next!

Next up is the title track Back to the Basix (Prod. by Country Boy). Graced by some heavy bottom, this one is an earth shaker. I liked the marriage between Country and the track. He used

All throughout the project there is a heavy play tribal bass beat with a rapid high hat setting the tempo. No it doesn’t sound the same on each track, LOL, it’s musical signature. The project THEME is all about the life experience that results in an awakening. Some “I see what’s REALLY going on” type *ish. “No Love No Loyalty” which is Track 3 (Prod. by Johnny Technology) highlights that concept in grand fashion.


Track 5: My Old Ways – open discussion about being on the grind to feed your family and what its worth to a man to be successful and pay his bills. It’s a cold story in this one and the evil sounding track with those horror movie bells sets the tone for this wordplay.

Track 6: Married to the Money Ft. French Montana and Kali. Loved the harmonic and melodic range partnership of the track. Extended bass notes along with some big hair rock type keys jumping off in the undertone created this 3-D layer of sound that drew me right in. The lyrical prowess on this joint exhibited by the three MCs on this joint left me satisfied at the end of the joint. If wasn’t writing this review, I’d still be listening to this one on repeat.

Track 8 G-Funk Freestyle (Prod by Country Boy) Yo! This one is a pure earthquake…if you don’t feel it…check your pulse. For pure fun, this joint is the one from the project that had me. Lyrically, he took me home and rode the track like a straight up G. You know what…think about the homies in the dayroom and the beats that come off those stainless steel tables with a fist and a comb or cup…that’s that *ISH baby!!!

Track 14 Keep Running Ft.Sunny Blue Bland THIS ONE IS A BONAFIED HIT and if it’s not I’m throwing shade at every radio station that turns their back on this joint. Son of the legendary Bobby Blue Bland, Sunny brings an edge to this joint that gets the adrenaline flowing. While he doesn’t rock the choking moan his dad exhibited on I’m Sorry which he did as a duo with BB King, when he was still Blues Boy King, Sunny changed the overall dynamic of this song…for the positive. This one is my #OfficialHype pick from the entire project…straight up FUNKY!!!

Overall Rating: 4/5 because nobody’s perfect. The project specializes in heavy bass playing off of contrasting highs ranging from orchestral arrangements to hints of some ethereal dreamy riffs. Track arrangement is well laid and creates a tight cohesive theme throughout.

Musically, the joints weren’t over produced, vocals compliment the tracks and somebody actually PRODUCED the joints, they aren’t just beats. This project exhibits thought and dedication to ones craft, both on the MC side and production. There are touches of old school, true school and some forward thinking sounds as well. Country boy delivered a solid project that shows he deserves the MC tag and much more attention to future projects.

View the full review via #Review Country Boy ‘Back to the Basix’ mixtape on The Hype Magazine


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