The Indie Revolution: Death Of Major Labels

Posted: February 17, 2015 by realjdobypr in News

Some real entertainment industry truth in this article…reality check.

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In this age of digital media and social networking, the grip of major labels and their control over recording artists music distribution has become less and less important. With artists able to distribute their music on a global scale thru digital outlets without having to sign a contract with a traditional record company in order to have their music available to the masses, what purpose does a major label really have anymore?

It used to be that in the past artists would seek out a “record deal” in order to have their music manufactured on vinyl, cassette tapes, cd’s , etc., but now those forms of media are as obsolete as 8 track tapes and VCR’s due to the convenience, popularity and cost effectiveness of mp3 downloads. Music fans no longer have to go to a physical record store to buy music which is why you can barely find a…

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