Smash or Trash: “Anxious” by Mylezia (Audio)

Posted: February 18, 2015 by realjdobypr in News

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Mylezia, full name Mylezia King, is a 19-yr-old female singer/songwriter hailing from Wilmington Delaware, who like many before her, started singing at an early age with roots in the church.

In 2014 Mylezia was nominated for Best New R&B/Pop Artist at the Philly Hip-Hop Awards and has since written and released 5 singles.

Her latest single “Anxious”, produced by Desperados, is a sexy, seductive track aimed to delight her listeners with an r&b/pop feel that’s ready for radio and beyond.

Take a listen to “Anxious” by Mylezia below and let us know what you think? Smash or Trash??

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  1. gigoid says:

    As an aside… by the picture, it isn’t clear whether what is being marketed is the song, or the woman’s body… Why is it considered normal for women singers to display their boobs & belly buttons to be taken seriously?

    Just wonderin’…. No doubt, she is a good writer, and singer, to have come to the public’s attention so young. So, why are they selling the way she looks?….

    This isn’t just true of Hip Hop, or the culture in America; it’s true across the entire spectrum of culture…. Seems to me, if any of us want to see the world get any less crazy, we’ll need to look at the way we promote celebrity, and the way we approach each other; we need to see each other as human beings, instead of as sexual objects….

    gigoid, the dubious


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