Artist Profile: Hustle Team Banga | @IMakeBANGAz

Posted: March 7, 2015 by realjdobypr in News
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bangaThere is a distinct contrast between the rhymes & metaphors spoken by rappers, and the appeal of the lifestyle & compelling journeys of overcoming and excelling as an Urban Street Star. Anyone can rhyme but seldom possess the appeal of relativity.

Hustle Team Banga bolsters that trait and has the resume to prove it. Born & raised on the streets of Dade County Miami Florida, Banga represents the trials and achievements of life as a hustler and survivor in the game.

Banga’s life story mirrors that of an urban blockbuster script. In Banga’s own words…Shit was crazy growin up. My Pops was a Hitter, and my Ol’ Girl was in the dope game. By the time I was 4 both of them was in prison. First of all both of them was under 17 when I was born so you already know how sh*t was. My grandma tried her best to hold me down but it was only so much she can do.

By the time I turned 10 yrs old I was a superstar in the Pop Warner Youth Football League but at the same time, I was already smoking weed, learning how to shoot dice and bag up dope. At 15 I got kicked out of school for good. At that time I was knee deep in the streets. Every crackhead/ drunk and street n*gga down south knew exactly who I was and what I was capable of so they treated me accordingly. At 17 I was basically a 25 year old man. I had a spot right outside the Pork & Beans projects and another on the south side of Miami where I’m originally from.

By the time I was 19, I couldn’t even do regular 19 yr old sh*t because of the name I made in the streets. I was feeling like Miami was to small for me so I was trying to find my way out fast. Date set and I’m ready to leave Miami for Atlanta but right then 4 n*ggas tried to rob me but I started swinging so we fought it out. I caught them a lil later at the store. I got my guns, jumped out and emptied both clips. It was 3pm and the police were already close by. They heard the gunshots and automatically start coming. Long story short I got caught without the guns so I was released. That same day I moved to the A to get into something positive. So, I start rapping to tell my story. 

As captivating as this saga was, it was only the beginning. Banga moved to Atlanta & spear headed the mass movement we all know as Hustle Team. He collaborated w/ Hustle Team Jay and dropped several street anthems that garnered the unwavering attention of the streets and the industry.

Banga became intimate with Twerk Team Originator “Betty Butt” and the duo proceeded to climb the ranks of Atlanta’s top tier entertainers; So much so that Banga soon partnered w/ 24/7 & Konvict Musik.

Banga excelled through tragedy & obstacles but none greater than the loss of his life partner “Betty Butt” during a botched robbery attempt in the Fall of 2014. This episode has only fueled the fire of greatness.

Banga has projects w/ major producers like Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, KE, M16,  Mike Will Made It, 808 Mafia, & etc. Now its impossible to say Atlanta Hip-Hop without mentioning Hustle Team.

Banga has been featured on several major outlets like WorldstarHipHop, Livemixtapes, etc. Banga has an uptempo style which compliments his charismatic delivery and unfiltered verbiage. These factors have firmly asserted the discussion of Banga as a front runner in this urban culture phenomenon and its transition into mainstream commercial entertainment.


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