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Decatur Redd

Atlanta has a heavy class of new young lions hitting center stage and native son Decatur Redd is one of that exceptional class! We don’t do a lot of interviews but thought we’d introduce you to someone new…enjoy!

Who are you and what is a typical day like in the life of Decatur Redd?

East Atl Zone 6 representative born and raised on the east side of Atlanta. When I get up first thing I do is pray then str8 to the music. Might listen to a few beats from producers they’ve sent to me via email and go to some of my current sessions and listen to the mix to see what’s to be fixed. Then spend about an hour every day with my kids.

Does your past have any influence on your life and he decisions you make today?

Of course as do many people, we learn from our past some things not to be repeated. I often reflect back to that ten year bid I did just to stay focused.

Reflections of the past: What was it like growing up in Georgia?

Growing up as a kid with a lot of brothers made me learn how to stand up on my own. I had no father so I learned fast how to take care myself at a very young age. But I stayed in the hood so all my peers didn’t seem much different, we all were trying to learn how to be men without dads.

What was the pivotal moment in your life when you realized that you were meant to be an artist or in the music industry?

I’ve always knew that I liked music and wanted to be a star some day but in the hood, that reality was light years away from ever coming true. I guess for me, it was getting more real. The more people I knew I seen come from nothing to local hood stars and then I knew I could do it. Once I hit the clubs and theDJjs started playing my music and people was reacting to it like they knew me, I knew then it was for me. Dudes in my hood was wilding out to hear somebody they stay right next door to playing in the local clubs.

Who encouraged your musical growth and how long have you actually been seriously recording, writing and producing?

I love music, especially when the beat is banging and the vocals are mixed well. Learned how to appreciate that from my dad when i was a child. He would play the piano and sing songs for us. I didn’t take being an artist serious until i met Akon. He was my biggest inspiration,so i started taking my writing more serious.

Two words: Kendrick Lamar? Your thoughts on how he changed the rap game or if he in fact changed it at all?

I don’t think he changed the rap game at all. The rap game is still the same,the same rappers with Migos and Future type flows and extreme down south 808 beats. This is what you hear still today all over your radio. Kendrick was without doubt a breath of fresh air to the game,but he hasn’t done no more then what drake or Kanye have already did and that’s make real music.

What was your initial reaction when your first licensing opportunity came to you approached and how did the other placements become a reality?

I was excited and shocked,but when i saw the show (WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR) it was background music and the scene didn’t quiet fit,so i calmed down fast. It was until the second placement on the show “AKWARD” where it was so surreal. the song was on full display for about 20 seconds and in film that’s great timing. But to hear my song i a movie was crazy,it’s like you can’t believe it’s you.

As an Atlanta artist, where were you when you heard your first song playing on the radio?

I was in a hotel parking lot. The way they introduced the song was awesome and i was in shock for about a good 7 or 8 seconds then i knew it was real. I started turning up in that parking lot trying to tell everybody that walked pass me. I had the radio pumped loud til the song went off. The best part is when people called my phone to tell me they heard my song on the radio,i can’t explain how i felt.

How did you make the transition from artist to songwriter to producer?

Once i learned how to make my own beats and mix them it was on. When i first jumped out the gate it was hard to get beats from producers without paying,and some producers had crazy tickets. I was like i could buy the same program they using with that money and make my own beats and i did..Now it’s easy.

How do your family and children react to your music? 

My family always knew it was there and have always shown me support even when I wanted to give up at times. I only allow my kids to hear the clean versions of my songs, but they watch me produce the music.

How are you treated at home, are you the same ole Decatur Redd to your closest friends and family?

Naw they treat me like a regular dude cause they aways around me. I try not to put much distance between my family and friends cause that’s where the line between acting hollywood is drawn. I could’t be comfortable with my people treating me like this big star.

Tell us about your work in the latest movie (as a placement)?

I have work in an independent movie called ” HITS” directed and written by:David Cross and in a Major WorldWide movie called Triple 9 directed by John Hellcoat and written by Matt Cook to be released Sep 11 2015.

What has been your most memorable moment, to date, in your grind towards success and fame?

Going from one state to another has always been amazing. I think the best experience thus far was performing at the dub show in front of thousands of people different races and different life styles. That California love was real. I miss that.

What is your opinion or insight on the significance of the digital platform?

To me it’s a great platform to get off on especially if you’er new and up and coming. It’s give all artist a chance to be heard and a chance to grow fans. It actually make success for an artist a button click away from being a star.

What are your feelings about the Cash Money / YMCMB situation and the overall state of loyalty?

Funny you asked. Loyalty is a word thrown around these days with little or no substance. I never knew loyalty to have an expiration date. But to answer your question i think it shows that families and brothers have fights and disagreements too,there is no such thing as a perfect relationship,some people just know how to cover their issues well better than others. I want to see them guys air it out cry it off or whatever and get back to the business of giving to the fans some good product. They were a great team for so many years, I think wayne need to understand the great deal of work upon his boss and bird man need to realize his empire wouldn’t be shit without wayne,no amount of money or fame would make me consider crossing my partner my team,my loyalty to RMR is Forever.

Who are the most talented/top 4 rap artists out today; in your opinion?

I think Drake – The Weekend – Kendrick Lamar – Tory Lanes – Myself

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  1. […] Atlanta has a heavy class of new young lions hitting center stage and native son Decatur Redd is one of that exceptional class! We don’t do a lot of interviews but thought we’d introduce you to someone new…enjoy!  […]

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