Dope Network’s DJ and Producers appreciation private rooftop extravaganza | @Damont_Mogul

Posted: July 14, 2015 by realjdobypr in Events
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DrummaBoyFresh_Damont_Award_BETX_2015BET Experience week has come and gone however, some events from this year’s BETX 2015 left a lasting impression. One of those that stands out from the plethora of events we covered this year was the private rooftop event honoring super producer Drumma Boy Fresh, Hip Hop Nation’s DJ Nina 9 and Grammy winner Devine Evans who received his Grammy Award plaques during the event!

Early attendees to the DJ and Producer’s salute included 50 Cent’s “Power” co-star Rotimi, who’s single “Lotto” ft. 50 Cent has been blowing up the airwaves and DJ Decks as of late. Rotimi of course blessed the crowd with a live special performance during this tribute event.

Here are a few looks from this exclusive rooftop event! (All photos by Geneva Relf for The Hype Magazine) Video clip courtesy of Dope Network.

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  1. gigoid says:


    Hey, young man… Enjoying the fast lane?…. Good to see you still posting now & then… I imagine being EinC is pretty time-consuming….what with all the rooftop parties & all…


    Take care; hope all is well in JD-land…



    • realjdobypr says:

      Hey Ned!!! Hope all is well my friend…!!! My schedule has been insane since we won Magazine Publication of the Year at the 7th Annual SCM Awards…our first major award! Now I’m all over the darn country making appearances etc…I just want to go fishing!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • gigoid says:

        Copy that… Try to stay level, bro; remember it’s all an illusion, and has to end someday…. Enjoy it, & take care it doesn’t turn on you….

        Have fun in Houston!…. I’ll be in Dallas later that month, visiting a friend…

        See ya…



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