Dear Future Wife Season 2 | Episode 5 [Video]

Posted: October 18, 2015 by realjdobypr in News

Be Fearless. Be Flagrant.

If you are in for the day and need something new to watch, checkout the “Dear Future Wife” series by either watching Season 2 | Episode 5 or catching up on the past episodes on the YouTube channel, because they are very easy to relate to the woes of dating in this day and age!


William Alexander: @Willslife “Brandon”
Webbie Casseus: @ “@12YearsAHaitian Jordan”
Jeovanie Andre: @JustJeo24_7 “Sasha”

Guest Appearance:
Courtney Garrett @madly_insane “Folandra”
Falon Ronae @falonronae “Michelle”
Michael J Sanchez @mikezvision “Carlos”
Shylah Soares @SoShylah “Sasha”
Jesse Lewis @poetic_j
Jasmin Brown @WatchJazzy

Written by:
McKinson Souverain: @McKinSkin

Produced by:
Diana S. Rice

Audio by:
Bieness Alfred: @Bee4orreal

Music by:
Kira Hayze…

Muzik Jones Drew: @MuzikJonesDrew
Theme Song:

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