Indie Icons: Ninjak #9

Posted: October 26, 2015 by realjdobypr in News

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Comics are strange sometimes. Here at Indie Icons we celebrate each bizarre moment. Like when Ninjak was a college kid who got his powers from a Ninjak video game and then, a man with a tiny body and enormous head tried to kill him by bringing him into the same Ninjak video game. This story sounds right up Indie Icons’ alley. Let’s see how this goes. I’m guessing not well.

Ninjak CoverOur story opens with Ninjak on the roof of a building, trying to come up with a new super hero name. The company that made the video game he got his powers from is threatening to sue Ninjak for using their character’s name and costume. What kind of sick company would try and sue someone simply for cosplaying? Acclaim. That’s who. If you don’t remember Acclaim, that’s OK. I could barely remember who they were until I realized they made

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