Cam Newton Is Going To Make MVP History Whether Folks Like It Or Not

Posted: December 29, 2015 by realjdobypr in News

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(photo courtesy of Mark Zaleski/Associated Press) (photo courtesy of Mark Zaleski/Associated Press)

The MVP race has had his ebbs and flows this year. At first people were speaking of Tom Brady of the Patriots winning it. Then there was Carson Palmer of the Arizona Cardinals mentioned. And after that Cam Newton of the Panthers has taken it over. The Panthers were undefeated leading up to their game against the Falcons in Atlanta this week. Plenty looked at it as a continuation of the 38-0 woodshed beating the Panthers put on Atlanta in Charlotte. But this one had quite the different story. The Falcons came out and played with heart and pride as they beat the Panthers 20-13. The Falcons defense was after Cam Newton all day, as he had one of his worst games all season. And immediately, many began to question whether he was the MVP. But that was not all that was said. Many…

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  1. gigoid says:


    Laughing at myself…. I haven’t seen an NFL game all season, I’m afraid… But, it’s good to see an underdog doing well, so, thanks for the update…. I’ll pay a bit more attention now, until the madness sets in for the Stupor Bowl (oops… did I say that out loud?)

    JD, actually came by to wish you a good holidays season, & hope you and yours are doing well…

    Take care, brother, & have a good New Year….

    Ned, aka…

    gigoid, the dubious…



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