ALBUM REVIEW: O.W.E. by FUTA (@futadabeast)

Posted: February 24, 2016 by phoenixstar9 in News

rsz_1rsz_1oweAbout the artist: Set to release his debut album, “O.W.E” (Out Work Everybody), Futa has been grinding for years in the music world trying to create the right sounds and songs to represent his state. Coming out of Little Rock, Arkansas, he is one the biggest prospects the small city has gaining attention from all over the world.

Review: Futa came to my attention about a year ago on this radio show that I was co-hosting and his track Y.A.T.C.L. was being played and I ended up taking a real interest in his music because he was different and offered something new and original.  On his new project O.W.E. he gives a very polished performance that has replay potential.  The intro is crazy, “Talking out the side of your neck when your speaking on Futa, have you hanging off a tree like an old pair of Pumas” then he launches into the next track “OSOM”, speaking on his struggle and dropping too many quotables, “Procrastination or dedication, what it’s gonna be”, “I don’t listen to opinions, only my conscience” and through his words and amazing but somber production he paints a very vivid painting of his life and where he’s from “Welcome to the city of the unforgiven” definitely one of the top tracks on the project. “Living Legend” would be the song with the most radio single popularity because of the tone and the motivation behind it, imagine Future with hope and no syrup, that’s what you get here, “Gotta get it how you live, Show them niggas you the shit, show them niggas that you working and you certain that you gonna make it big”.  I absolutely love this track, the damn chorus is more than catchy it’s viral, “I’m a living legend make my life a movie”.   Futa has a strong team, and I can hear it on the track, “I Apologize” with Monsta,Syril J, and Endoe Nova make a strong album track here where everybody shines.  “U Da Man” is dope, because I am a strong believer in affirming or affirmations rather and the chorus that rings the truest to me is, “I look in the mirror and I say this, “U da man, u da man, u da man, nobody do it like you can”.  That is so needed and this project is almost like a blueprint on how to succeed if you pay attention and this is another one of my top picks, it is also radio single potential.  “So Special” which seems to be for the ladies,from any other artist might be mediocre, but Futa’s energy and his ability to switch up the flow is what sets him apart here and I think that the ladies will love it. “Ease The Pain” gave me that “My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me” vibe but it is something I feel that many of us that grow up in the hood faced and are still dealing with and it was absolutely relatable,  speaking on addiction and poverty, something many artists are not addressing.  “GrindMode” is a big standout track, and he shares his life on this survivor track,  “I’ve been talked about a lot, but never been pushed around, snakes grabbin on my heels but never been tooken down”, but when he gives you the hook,  “Grind Hard same plan, nigga every single day,I ain’t changing my beliefs, only changing up my ways”, I swear Futa is up NEXT, we need this type of positivity without compromise.  “I Really Do Miss You Sometimes” is a nice track, that everybody can relate to if you have an ex that you don’t have any communication with but you still miss, and Futa made the beat among others he made on this project! That shows me a lot about him as an artist, and that is he carefully crafts his work.  “Glaciers” was a great storytelling track that shows his versatility as an artist.

“O.W.E.” the signature track, which stands for “OUT WORK EVERYBODY”, is the anthem for those that need something to keep going and that is the overall theme of the whole project, and  FUTA uses this track to reiterate his message, or at least what I believe to be his message, and that is, he outworks EVERYBODY, and we all need to have the hunger that he has to succeed and to make it out of struggle.

Futa is really the present and the future, so in short he’s up next, and I think he has the talent and drive to be the next young icon out here in rap.  This project is one that will be played over and over on my mp3 player, because it motivates me, Futa’s flow is ridiculously polished and aggressive when need be, and the production makes me really feel the song.

Rating: A+


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