Lyrical Destruction: CASUAN vs DOBY BullPen Battle League INITIATIONS | @BullpenBattles @ImBrianDoby

Posted: May 11, 2016 by realjdobypr in Hip Hop
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Hip-Hop has always been about competition and winning lyrical battles in front of audiences and judges there to critique your barz…for money, brings another level of pressure. The emerging traveling rap battle league BullPen hosts initiations for lyricists who’ve made the cut and what a better ceremony than dropping the initiates into the arena!

The CLEAR winner of this battle is comedian/rapper Doby from Topeka, Kansas (785), who shuts the door on his opponent at the close of each verse by branding his surname.

In this battle, Doby epitomizes what MC’s are known for, how they earn their stripes, metaphors, punch lines and the ability to take what’s thrown at them and flip it to their advantage.

Witness the utter destruction of Doby’s opponent from the Bronx’s, Casuan…total mismatch.  Doby has successfully strutted his comedic stuff, in Hollywood at the Comedy Store on Sunset as part of a BET comedy search in which he made the semi-finals and has played rooms from Chicago to Atlanta with his popularity growing throughout the United States.

My mom always told me not to get into a word battle with a comedian. Casuan should have taken heed!


Score: Doby 3-0, creativity, witticism, stage presence and BARZ!


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