The Hype Magazine tops list of independent magazines flourishing in print & online

Posted: May 18, 2016 by realjdobypr in News

INDEPENDENT MAGAZINES – THOSE PRODUCED OUTSIDE OF THE MAIN PUBLISHING HOUSES – ARE SEEING A RISE IN READERSHIP THROUGH A HYBRID OF PRINT AND ONLINE PUBLICATIONS. Print is dead! Wait, actually, no it isn’t – at least not for magazines. According to big four accountancy firm PwC, print magazines and their websites will still account for 85.2% of total global magazine consumption in 2019. UK-based independent magazine subscription service Stack has even seen revenues grow by 78%, and subscription numbers are up by 76%. So, with that in mind, here are four independent magazines that are flourishing with both print and online publications right now:


The Hype Magazine was founded in 2002 as a one page community newsletter. Led by by CEO and publisher Jameelah ‘Just Jay’ Wilkerson, Hype Magazine has blossomed into a renowned publication over the last 13 years. The publication is now available in more than 3,000 U.S. stores, as well as some locations in Asia, Canada, and Europe. Covering everything from hip-hop to Hollywood, The Hype Magazine is edited by Jerry Doby. In 2015, the title was awarded numerous magazine of the year awards, including the SCM Awards and the YGEA awards. Can’t get hold of a print copy? No worries, The Hype Magazine is easily available online.


Source: Independent Magazines Flourish in Print & Online -The Sociable

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