Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase Recap – Phenomenal Radio

Posted: July 1, 2016 by realjdobypr in News

This past Saturday (June 25th) The Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase went down at Coho Night Club 2202 Buddy Holly Ave. in Lubbock, Texas. I have to say off top that we appreciate every sponsor, artist, DJ and team member that made this day possible. Everybody worked really hard to spread the word, sell tickets, and make this a great event. The staff at Coho was great and helped with anything we needed. Their sound system was top notch, too! Everything was crystal clear and bangin through the speakers. As with any event, not everything happened as planned but it still turned out to be a good time for all that were there. We did expect a bigger turnout, but everybody that was there seemed to want to be there and were really supporting the vendors and artists. All the vendors were very professional and showed up early to set up and get ready for the day. Salazar Catering’s brisket was a big hit and the Now We Taco’N food truck was doing pretty good too. I liked having access to food, because some times we go to events like these for a lot of hours during the day and there are no food vendors which can make people tired and restless especially toward the end of the event. Folks were definitely hitting the bar too, since it was really hot outside. The heat may have had a little to do with some not wanting to come out, but we will be prepared next time with ways to keep everybody in the shade and cool. ClearTalk Wireless was helping everybody stay cool this time by giving away ice cold waters at their booth.

Source: Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase Recap – Phenomenal Radio


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