11 People In The Entertainment Business Talk About Their Favorite TV Shows In 2017

Posted: July 13, 2017 by realjdobypr in News

These days, movie theaters are no longer where the most creative or groundbreaking content goes automatically. Thanks to new content providers like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Seeso, there is a seemingly-endless number of shows to watch on your television, beyond all of the greatness available from broadcast and cable networks. In turn, the problem is not only figuring out what to watch within your limited free time but keeping up with all the new series.To make things a little easier, I spoke to a mix of entertainers, writers, and content strategists and asked what their favorite shows of the moment are. Of the 11 people polled by the Inquisitr, three of them surprisingly picked the same program as their favorite.Diamond Dallas Page — WWE Hall Of Famer and founder of DDP YOGAFred Stoller — Comedian, actor and author of Five Minutes to KillChris Collingwood — Frontman of Look Park and Fountains of WayneMike Doughty — Singer/songwriter and author of The Book of DrugsRachel Ritfeld — Actress, model, and travel influencerUrsula Petula Barzey — Founder and chief blogger of Caribbean & Co.Jerry Doby — Editor-in-Chief of The Hype Magazine and member of the United States Press CorpsJohn Davis — Primary singer and songwriter of The Lees of Memory and SuperdragPorter Block — Singer/songwriter and host of the In a State podcastJeri Fink — Author and co-founder of Book Web PublishingMark Piro — Musician and head of the Analog Spark record label

Source: 11 People In The Entertainment Business Talk About Their Favorite TV Shows In 2017


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