and The Hype Magazine Present “Hot Off The Press” Mixtape Series

Posted: September 25, 2017 by realjdobypr in News and The Hype Magazine Present “Hot Off The Press” Mixtape Series

The Hype Magazine and an arm of the Fleet DJ coalition are set to present a monthly mixtape series entitled “Hot Off The Press.”  This recurring project will showcase new and upcoming artist, along with a curated playlist of the hottest songs in rotation on the radio that month.
Produced by the Fleet DJs, “Hot Off The Press” will feature in the “Music Lounge” section of The Hype Magazine and select artists will gain additional exposure via editorial coverage on their movement.
The Hype Magazine, founded in 2002 as a one-page community newsletter by CEO/Publisher Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson, rapidly gained control of the online space becoming the #1 Digital Magazine in the World with over 300k subscribers to its online portal and 250k in domestic and international print circulation via major retail stores like Barnes and Noble, Walgreens, CVS and more.
As a promotional source, The Hype Magazine online portal earns 9-15 million headline impressions monthly with its social media presence delivering millions more each month. is an arm of the Fleet DJs Coalition and a major repository of new music from across the globe. Fleet DJs Radio airs on its own branded network
The Fleet DJs, founded by, Klassik, CEO is a premier coalition. The Fleet DJ’s began in Newark, New Jersey in 2001. The Fleet headquarters is located in Charlotte, NC. Klassik CEO comes from a family line of music, where his father now sits on the World Council of Zulu Nation so music runs through his veins and out to his Fleet family. Evolving from five to over 260 DJs worldwide, Fleet DJ’s has become the second largest DJ coalition in the world consisting of DJ’s, fleet artists, models, producers, and photographers.
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