The Hype Magazine got Fred The Godson to weigh in on a few things during a “Live Session” segment discussing not only his impending mixtape but also the process to creating a major solo release as an indie artist. Certain artists exhibit a lifelong respect for mother Hip-Hop and the teachings of the culture and Fred is one of those “REAL ONES” in this writer’s opinion. I’d been watching him since he began to make his mark and his movement is legit on all levels, he’s also catching on to the importance of getting first count on his own money which is why he’s held off on accepting several deal offers from the majors. Tune in!

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As presented by SiriusXM’s Coffee House channel, “Coffee House Live” tour is one of this summer’s most refreshing outings. Featuring Joshua Radin, Rachael Yamagata, and Brandon Jenner, the triple billing kicked off on July 7 at Nashville’s 3rd & Lindsley. The tour is now in the middle of the United States, playing tonight at Minnesota’s Fine Line Music Café. Upcoming cities include New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, and Detroit before the tour ends on August 10 at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club.

On behalf of the Inquisitr, I had the pleasure of talking with Radin, Yamagata, and Jenner, asking all three singer/songwriters the same four questions. Radin, the tour’s headliner, is touring in support of his self-produced album The Fall. Very impressively, to date, over 100 films have featured Radin’s music. Yamagata is on the road playing songs from last year’s Tightrope Walker, which received four-star reviews from Mojo, Reader’s Digest, and the Daily Mirror alike. Jenner is known for his collaborations with wife Leah and is currently featured on Spotify’s “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” playlist.For more information on the tour and its artists, visit

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Today, Atlanta rapper and motorcycle enthusiast, Dae Daereleased his highly anticipated project, 5 Reasons.Executive produced by his friend, Nitti Beatz, Dae Dae delivers 11 tracks that will definitely help you continue your summer the right way. Prior to the release of 5 Reasons, Dae Dae dropped the project’s first single, “New Wave” on Worldstar Hip-Hop. Dae Dae went on to join forces with director, G-Visuals for the “New Wave” music video, which pays homage to iconic Atlanta music videos such as: Outkast‘s “Player’s Circle,” Ying Yang Twins “Wait (The Whisper Song),” Bone Crushers “Never Scared,” and a few others.

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Los Angeles-based Pop/R&B artist, TAZ Zavala, debuts her newest single “If These Walls Could Talk” exclusively on The Hype Magazine, following up her critically acclaimed debut single “Watch Me.”

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At a young age, Trap Beckham attained success regionally with songs like “Top Of The Line” and “Ohh She Thick,” winning awards, and becoming a fixture in the college scene in the southeast. After excessive touring, “The Golden Boy Of The Hood” caught the attention of major labels eventually signing to Def Jam Recordings. Since releasing “Birthday Bitch,” the standout single has garnered over 2.9M plays on Spotify, reaching number 5 on the Billboard 200, putting Trap on the map nationally. His memorable birthday anthem has since been featured on HBO’s Insecure and on the prominent compilation series, Now That’s What I Call Music! 59.

Describing his rise to the ranks of those catching a major deal Trap Beckham tells The Hype Magazine:

Oh man this has been a journey man. Trap Beckham is someone who is continuing to learn, every day, just taking one day at a time. Trap Beckham is a very patient person, and when it comes to music, he understands that coming from where he comes from in Jacksonville, Florida, it’s gonna take some time to build the platform that he needs to be successful. So, like Trap Beckham is cool, Trap Beckham always thinks he right, but you know Trap Beckham is optimistic and he will listen and he will understand when he wrong. Trap Beckham is, he lit, Trap Beckham drinks, Trap Beckham smokes, Trap Beckham is a ladies man, he’s a father, he’s a son, he’s a brother, you know and I’m still shy, but Trap Beckham loves his job he loves his job, he loves what he do. This is a passion for me so whether I’m scared or not, that’s the thrill of it. That’s what I live for.

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These days, movie theaters are no longer where the most creative or groundbreaking content goes automatically. Thanks to new content providers like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Seeso, there is a seemingly-endless number of shows to watch on your television, beyond all of the greatness available from broadcast and cable networks. In turn, the problem is not only figuring out what to watch within your limited free time but keeping up with all the new series.To make things a little easier, I spoke to a mix of entertainers, writers, and content strategists and asked what their favorite shows of the moment are. Of the 11 people polled by the Inquisitr, three of them surprisingly picked the same program as their favorite.Diamond Dallas Page — WWE Hall Of Famer and founder of DDP YOGAFred Stoller — Comedian, actor and author of Five Minutes to KillChris Collingwood — Frontman of Look Park and Fountains of WayneMike Doughty — Singer/songwriter and author of The Book of DrugsRachel Ritfeld — Actress, model, and travel influencerUrsula Petula Barzey — Founder and chief blogger of Caribbean & Co.Jerry Doby — Editor-in-Chief of The Hype Magazine and member of the United States Press CorpsJohn Davis — Primary singer and songwriter of The Lees of Memory and SuperdragPorter Block — Singer/songwriter and host of the In a State podcastJeri Fink — Author and co-founder of Book Web PublishingMark Piro — Musician and head of the Analog Spark record label

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What was your inspiration behind your latest project “The God Box”?

It was less to find a way to make this new level of consciousness that I have been able to achieve or tap into to make it make sense musically. I a lot of records where people are trying to take their thoughts to another level does not make sense musically as far as current content.  So, I wanted to create something that even if the audience did or didn’t understand the material it was still jamming. If you listen to the song “Black Fist” The beat might distract you to the point where you might not know that the song is about social change.

Why was it so important for you to visit some of these smaller cities to teach during the God Box Lecture Series?

It was so Important for me to start in these smaller cities because I’m from Jackson Mississippi and people do not visit these smaller cities.  They are the ones that need help the most and places like Birmingham Alabama and Jackson Mississippi are the same places where our people died fighting for equality. People like Martin Luther King Jr. and Elijah Muhammad who is from Georgia is where our families originated from and where they are the most oppressed and that is why I decided to concentrate on these places. This is bigger than just music and selling a record.

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If you’ve never heard of the beautiful independent country of St. Kitts, I’m not surprised, neither had I until getting notice of the St. Kitts 21st annual music festival presented by the St. Kitts Tourism Authority (@StKittsTourism ). The Island of St. Kitts, achieved its independence from England in 1983 and after closing its sugar production business in 2005, focused on becoming a luxury lifestyle destination for a discerning group of world class travelers. One of the major attractions has been its music festival which unites local independent artists with household name performers to create a unique blend of musical stylings. In 2016 several of the major acts, 50 Cent and the Ojays, entertained a crowd of thousands in the islands main arena and created quite the international buzz.In 2017, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, did it again with major acts including Shabba Ranks, Mavado, K. Michelle, V. Bozeman, Goo Goo Dolls, Third World and Credence Clearwater Revisited, once again proving this music festival is a major player in the music festival realm. Couple that with an amazing natural beauty which boasts amazing vistas, dazzling blue waters and a people who are kind, caring and friendly, I’d say this is the perfect annual destination for those looking for a veritable piece of heaven on earth.

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Z-Ro (@ZROMOCITYDON) has announced his step back from the mic with his final album “No Love Boulevard,” but he’ll forever be a part of music and his latest single “From The Other Side” is part of a new collection of joints from the Houston icon which will ensure his place in music history. Songs like those Z-Ro delivers come from a place inside which makes him stand out as a man that is aware he’s not the center of the universe…quite humbling. Z-Ro’s iHeart Radio program, “Angry Justice” with co-host and former police officer, Harvard-educated attorney, and judge Charles “Big Angry” Adams continues his journey as a voice for that which is right. In a previous “Live Session” interview with Z-Ro, The Hype Magazine caught a inkling of this move as he discussed his feelings on the rash of atrocities happening in American cities.

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