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Nobody forgets the album that changed their life—that one song that defined the moment.

Urban Legends is a Universal Music Group label imprint and online platform that celebrates the artists and music at the heart and soul of hip-hop. Nobody forgets the album that changed their life-that one song that defined the moment. Urban Legends remembers and reimagines what it means to be a fan, helping music lovers fall in love with their favorites all over again. We celebrate our icons, our culture, our style, our legacy, our music-and why it matters.

Here’s a glimpse into the music they’ll be celebrating:

Source: Urban Legends: The New Standard Playlist


500 of the sets will be autographed and come complete with two “practice swords.”

Source: GZA & Urban Legends Release Liquid Swords Box Set With Actual Swords

It was a rollout that turned Rihanna from fascination to all out cultural obsession.

It seems like a lifetime ago-once every year brought us the holiday of Rihvember-but it’s only been five years. In 2012, Rihanna ended a four-year-four-album run with her seventh LP Unapologetic. The album title seems quite apt in hindsight as we can say it may have been the last instance Rihanna ever had to apologize for herself. Recorded within six months during the promo of her 2011 album, Unapologetic would become the last of the #Rihvember series: a seven year period where Rihanna dropped music at the rate of raindrops essentially.

From 2005 to 2012, the only year that saw us without a Rihanna album was 2008. Ironically, the very last #Rihvember was the first under the official moniker. To be fair, this is the life of a pop star gone rockstar: a nonstop hamster wheel of presentations of self and story to the masses. Now, if we go a few days withOUT Rihanna news, there’s a crisis but it was this rollout that turned Rihanna from fascination to all out cultural obsession.

The rollout, one of her biggest at the time, featured one of the finer finesses seen this decade (but more on that shortly). At the time of the album’s release, Rihanna spent three years under intense scrutiny from the media about her life choices, which can be stifling for anyone in their mid-20s. Those are the key years of simply minding your own messy business. It’s a developmental time where you’re unable to keep your mind together because you’re beginning to explore the options of adulting in a real manner. If growing up is a spectrum, your 20s should be filed under “extreme.” The Rihanna of 2012 was reeling from half a decade on the road, not just performing but simultaneously creating the catalogue of music that would make her the titan she has now become. The media hounded her with judgement throughout this time about everything from her style to her sound to her life. But the Queen of Clapback seemed ready to turn the tide. Rihanna was tired of apologizing for who she was and what she needed.

Source: On Unapologetic, Rihanna Freed Herself To Be The Voice She Is Now

StraightOfficial.com and The Hype Magazine Present “Hot Off The Press” Mixtape Series

The Hype Magazine and StraightOfficial.com an arm of the Fleet DJ coalition are set to present a monthly mixtape series entitled “Hot Off The Press.”  This recurring project will showcase new and upcoming artist, along with a curated playlist of the hottest songs in rotation on the radio that month.
Produced by the Fleet DJs, “Hot Off The Press” will feature in the “Music Lounge” section of The Hype Magazine and select artists will gain additional exposure via editorial coverage on their movement.
The Hype Magazine, founded in 2002 as a one-page community newsletter by CEO/Publisher Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson, rapidly gained control of the online space becoming the #1 Digital Magazine in the World with over 300k subscribers to its online portal and 250k in domestic and international print circulation via major retail stores like Barnes and Noble, Walgreens, CVS and more.
As a promotional source, The Hype Magazine online portal earns 9-15 million headline impressions monthly with its social media presence delivering millions more each month.
StraightOfficial.com is an arm of the Fleet DJs Coalition and a major repository of new music from across the globe. Fleet DJs Radio airs on its own branded network www.fleetdjradio.com
The Fleet DJs, founded by, Klassik, CEO is a premier coalition. The Fleet DJ’s began in Newark, New Jersey in 2001. The Fleet headquarters is located in Charlotte, NC. Klassik CEO comes from a family line of music, where his father now sits on the World Council of Zulu Nation so music runs through his veins and out to his Fleet family. Evolving from five to over 260 DJs worldwide, Fleet DJ’s has become the second largest DJ coalition in the world consisting of DJ’s, fleet artists, models, producers, and photographers.
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Atlanta’s Only FREE Hip Hop Music Festival Add’s AARP

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ATLANTA HIP HOP DAY would like to welcome AARP as an OFFICIAL SPONSOR for the 7th ANNUAL ATLANTA HIP HOP DAY FESTIVAL goto AARP.comto find out the awesome benefits offered for members as you begin to plan for retirement!




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Peewee Longway Blue Mm 3-front-large

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If you missed the 6th Annual Atlanta Hip Hop Day Festival it brought thousands out to Woodruff Park in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The family friendly event featured performances by No Genre Recording Artist Scotty ATL, Supa Peach (Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game), Colonel Loud, Eazy, Grand Hustle Recording Artist Yung Booke and many more on the main stage. There were also special guest appearances by Atlanta’s own TI, Trae da Truth, and award winning producer Mr. Hanky. There was a special tribute dedicated to Shawty Lo lead by DJ Scream of Hoodrich Entertainment.

Vendors Artists
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Cardi B ‘Bodak Yellow’ Dominates Pandora Over the Weekend

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Pandora released its data on how Friday’s music releases are performing on Pandora, what’s coming up this Friday, and top spins for the week.

New releases included:

Fergie, Macklemore, Cardi B, Maggie Rogers, The Killers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, 98 Degrees, French Montana & ALMA, DJ Snake and Young Thug, Afrojack, Kygo, Dierks Bentley, Jhené Aiko, Tory Lanez

There was a clear favorite this week– Cardi B was the #1 artist this week– over 105,000 Pandora listeners added her artist station, and “Bodak Yellow” was the top spinning song across all of Pandora!

According to today’s (Sept 25, 2017) RollingStone.com article by Daniel Kreps, Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow’ Lands Historic Number One on Hot 100 , the Love & Hip Hop‘ star becomes first solo female rapper since Lauryn Hill in 1998 to rule Hot 100.

Source: Cardi B ‘Bodak Yellow’ Dominates Pandora Over the Weekend – The Hype Magazine

Issa Rae was unabashed about who she was supporting at the 2017 Emmys.Variety asked the “Insecure” creator and star who she was rooting for at Sunday night’s awards and her response was perfect.“I’m rooting for everybody black,” she replied. “I am!”

Source: Issa Rae’s Unapologetic Support Of Black Stars At The Emmys Is A Mood | HuffPost

Take your body-shaming elsewhere. That’s the message South African plus-size model, blogger and photographer Lesego “Lee” Legobane had for a Twitter troll who attempted to make a joke using her image. On Tuesday, Twitter user Leyton Mokgerepi used a photo of Legobane in a meme comparing her to another bikini model. He attempted to disparage her, writing, “Girls that I like vs. Girls that like me.”

Source: This Curvy Model Had The Perfect Clapback For Body-Shaming Meme | HuffPost

On September 14th, more than 60 women members of The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) gathered at Time Warner Center in New York for a day of networking, learning and reflection at ELC’s first-ever Regional Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF).

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I dig this show The Full Frontal Life and found a great interview with Show Writer Ashley Black. Somehow it’s always the behind the scenes people who get left out…not today though.

Before following her dream of a career in comedy, Ashley Nicole Black was four-years into a PhD degree. Now, she’s part of the tour-de-force writing team and a correspondent for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, now in its second season on TBS. As a newly minted Emmy® award-winning writer and a bona fide comedic role model, Ashley gave us an inside scope on the life of a Full Frontal writer and shared some of her favorite moments and how she hopes to inspire others.

What is the Full Frontal writer’s room like? Are there bowls of jellybeans? Pork rinds? A politician dartboard?

Well, we don’t have any pork rinds! Or a writer’s room really. While we do meet in person a couple of times a week to talk about our show topics, we do most of our work online. Kind of a “virtual writer’s room.” In part because the type of writing we do is very detailed and not really conducive to writing together in a room like that, and in part because we are a bunch of introverted nerds.

How long does it take to write a show? What’s taken the longest to write?

Most of the shows are written in about two days to a week. Occasionally, we will have a piece that requires longer baking than that, because it needs more research, or is particularly difficult to write, but that is rare. We spent two weeks working on “Kris Kobach Racist Music Man,” because it’s a musical, which is harder both to write and to get approved by legal. I come from an Improv background, so it’s very funny to me to go from singing whatever I want off the top of my head, to having lyrics approved by a team of lawyers.

What do you enjoy doing most on the show?

I really enjoy writing historical deep dives. I’m a nerd; I love learning about a new topic and sharing that information with everyone. I also really like interviewing experts for the same reason. It’s fun to learn about their area of expertise and even more fun to watch a Harvard professor’s eyes widen when you tell an off-color joke about his research.

What have you worked on at Full Frontal that you’re most proud of?

Not the White House Correspondents Dinner, and I’m not just saying that because we just won an Emmy® for writing it. We made that special while still writing our regular show so it was kind of like having two jobs for a couple of months. I loved watching all my coworkers rise to the occasion. We all leveled up. I got to write jokes for Allison Janney as one of my favorite TV characters ever, C.J. Cregg. The live show was so huge and making that many people laugh live was one of the best performance moments of my life.

What do you do when Full Frontal isn’t in production?

Try (and fail) to ignore the news. Hang out with my dog. I spent the entire last dark week drinking white wine in a hot tub.

As a comedienne of color, who are your inspirations or role models?

I’m always torn about the terms “comedienne” or “actress.” I used to think men and women do the same job, why have different job titles? Then I had an acting teacher who told me, “Actually your job is much harder; you have to make people laugh while fitting into the narrow definition of ‘likeable’ that exists for women.” And you know, the whole backwards and in heels thing. Anyway, I prefer the term “comedian” or “woman of valor.”

The comedians I return to for inspiration are Aidy Bryant, Paul Mooney, Ali Wong, Maria Bamford, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Seth Meyers… there are so many. But I also draw a lot from dramas and, of course, the news. The more seriously someone takes what they’re doing, the funnier I think it is.

Source: Blog | Turner